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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.

Pride is always a happy day for the entire community! Savannah hosted yet another Pride festival this year and many SCAD students attended. While at Pride, I got the chance to see the whole community come together to show support. I asked several SCAD freshmen some questions about Pride and how Savannah’s Pride festival was for them.

What does Pride mean to you?

Jake– I think it is cool how when you have any sort of festival it is always everyone celebrating something about themselves. Pride is different though since you are celebrating yourself and who you are which is really unique.

Hannah– It is taking Pride in yourself and not being ashamed of who you are. It is celebrating yourself and celebrating who everybody is.

Ryan– I do not really know what it means to me, but I find it really cool how the community can bring everyone together. At Pride I saw so many people that I would never expect to go, which I found to be really cool.

Daniel– Pride is about diversity in terms of race and gender. I really like how pride is set up in almost every country in the world now. Their objective is just to celebrate LGBTQ. They do not care who you are because it is just about celebrating who you are.

Anastasia– Pride is a place where you can feel like a part of something. You can feel like you are part of the movement that is making a difference for social justice for the LGBTQ community.


How does it feel to be in such an approving and joyous atmosphere for a day?

Jake– It is cool knowing that everyone around you is celebrating something that you normally have to hide or are normally judged for.

Hannah– It is definitely enlighting to see everybody supporting everyone. It is nice that the community is open minded and makes everyone feel welcomed. It is just such a happy day!

Ryan– It feels really nice not having to hide or feel like people are judging me for being myself.

Daniel– Comfortable. I do not have to try or make an effort to feel comfortable. When you are around all of these people that are supporting you, you have a chance to just enjoy yourself without having to feel discomfort.

Anastasia– Amazing, of course! It is like Gay Christmas!


What was your experience at Savannah’s Pride Festival, if you went?

Jake– I thought it was kind of boring, to be honest! It did not really feel like a celebration.

Hannah– It was my first Pride festival! It was colorful and everyone looked like they were having fun. The performances were awesome, but I wish that there were inspirational speakers. I also wish there were other things to do. It was mostly vendors.

Ryan– I was not impressed by Savannah’s Pride Festival. They charged a $5 fee for entrance and I think that is ridiculous. I should not have to pay to celebrate myself and what I love!

Daniel– I did not attend.

Anastasia– I did not go, so I can not really anser that.


What do you think Savannah could improve on next year?

Jake– I do not like that they charge to get in and next year they should try to have a parade.

Hannah– I really think they should have a parade because it would draw more attention to pride. There would be a better outcome.

Ryan– Next year they need to make the entrance free and also I think they need to add more things to do like a parade or more activities because when we went it looked like it was all vendors


How have other Pride Festivals been if you have gone to any?

Jake– I have not been to any other Pride Festivals, but I have heard my friends talk about them and this was not nearly as good as what I have heard about.

Hannah– I have not been to any other Pride Festivals.

Ryan– I have not been to any other Pride Festivals, but I know that they look more fun and inviting compared to Savannah’s Pride.

Daniel– The one in Atlanta was pretty overwhelming. There were so many vendors and events going on at the same time. I think they should have handled the protestors better with more security.

Anastasia– Dallas Prode was great! I think my favorite part was the churches and religious groups that walked in it and were saying, “Come to our chucrch. All are welcomed, all are loved.” I thought that was so cool because it feels like its just the church versus the gays, but it broke down that wall and it is not just the church tollerating gays, not just coexistence, but like harmony, union, and community.


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