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That One Time a Bath Bomb Made Me Angry

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.

Photo by Steve Huntington on Unsplash 

That One Time a Bath Bomb Made Me Angry

So, my new recent obsession is bath bombs. Ever since I injured my knee and couldn’t really work out anymore, I was forced to discover a new stress reliever. At first, I delved into aromatherapy, that didn’t really do much. I’m a SCAD student. I need heavy duty relaxation.  Then I remembered how great bubble baths used to be. When I was a kid, I used to have so much fun with my bubble baths. That might have been because I would put about half a bottle of bubble bath and practically overflow the tub, but hey I didn’t have a phone to keep me occupied and sometimes I ran out of things to read.  Anyway, I remembered how much fun I used to have so I delved into the world of bath bombs. Now, I think my one and only bath bomb love with go to any and all of Lush’s products. They are amazingly smelly and bubbly, and you can get at least four baths from one bath bomb. I can gush to you about Lush for days, but I’m not going to. Because that would be boring.  Last week I went to Bath and Body Works looking for something smelly to put in my bath. I was super stressed from school and I didn’t have time to order a bath bomb online. At first, I was going for the Stress Reliever bath salts from their Aromatherapy collection. But then a lovely employee overheard me and suggested their new bath fizzes. Bless him. Kind of.  I bought four. Two Stress Relievers, one Sleep, and A Thousand Wishes bubble fizzy which was supposed to be extra bubbly. Key phrase: “supposed to be”.  I was skeptical. I hadn’t ventured out of my beloved Lush products before and I was nervous that these wouldn’t live up to the competition. I had high hopes for these little suckers. They were like eight dollars. I don’t have eight dollars to spend on a terrible bath bomb.  The Stress Reliver was the first one I tried. And I was pleasantly surprised. I turned out all the lights, lit a candle, and made an extra hot bath. It made my bathroom smell like a spa which I enjoyed thoroughly. With every deep breath I took, I could feel my shoulders relaxing and stress slipping away.  The next one I tried was the A Thousand Wishes bubble fizzy. I definitely had a thousand wishes while I was using this one. The packaging was terrible because I couldn’t open it without scissors.   Not only did this bath fizzy smell like someone sweated too much at the gym and refused to shower for two days, but when it was dissolving in the water, there were these weird caramel worm looking things coming from the little sphere. I have tried to come up with a better phrase, but it honestly it’s the only way to describe how uncomfortable I was with this thing in my tub.  I don’t know about anyone else, but when I see something that looks like a worm, I want to get as far away from it as possible. It’s not something that relaxes me. Eventually, they dissolved too, but I was still left with that unsettling feeling in my stomach. That mixed with the weird smell coming from my bath water made it impossible for me to relax.


Photo by Karla Alexander on Unsplash

What made this bath even worse was that there were no bubbles. You read that right. NO bubbles. It was supposed to be extra bubbly! Where were my bubbles? I paid eight whole dollars for them. I could have gotten two bottles from the grocery store that would not only give me more bubbles but would also smell ten times better.  Anyway, I think I forced myself to stay in for fifteen minutes or so, but I was in a worse mood than the one I had getting into the tub. And I can honestly say that that has never happened to me before. I think it’s safe to stay I’ll be sticking to my Lush products from now on. No matter how long they take to get mailed.   

Victoria (or Vic as her friends like to call her) loves to read the classics, especially those set in the Roaring 20s, and exercising so she doesn't sit on her couch all day. She currently writes for HerCampus and Exhibit A by Lindsey's Kloset. There, she writes about all things beauty and fitness and self-care. When she's not furiously trying to write her articles in time, she nestles in her thousands of pillows, binge watching "Friends."
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