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NEWS: To Keep or Not To Keep Your Last Name

               As women begin to fight for reorganization and equality many topics come into play. One of those topics being debated is “name changing” after marriage. Changing a woman’s last name to her husband’s has been a tradition for centuries. However now, woman around the world are deciding to keep their names.

                Recently a discovery has been made that women in the medical field are increasingly keeping their family surnames after marriage. As a fellow lady I find this to be empowering. It sends the message that keeping your family name is completely alright, as it should be. Many people find it strange if you want to keep you name, but it’s the name you were born with and its apart of your family why shouldn’t you wish to keep something special such as that?

                This is not to say you should not change your name. If you want to take on your husband’s last name then by all means. The point is we have a choice and if you love your family name, great, and if you want to take on a new name that’s great too.

                If you want to know more about the medical field of women keeping their names feel free to read up on them on the link below.


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