Megan Lee

By Marie DeFreitas

Megan Lee isn’t a scientist herself, but she promotes the wonderful world of science through a different medium- her awesome illustrations! Lee is a freelance illustrator from the Asheville, NC area whose made a business selling her geeky illustrations that each feature a name and a symbol that encompasses the life work of scientists that have shaped our world. She’s completed several series including one that solely features women in science; from Jane Goodall to Marie Curie.

It all started back in 2010 when Lee watched a Nikola Tesla documentary that sparked her interest, and led her to create her first design for fun. Soon enough people were all over her work. She produces her work in Photoshop and sells them on her Etsy page. Lee hasn’t had any formal schooling in illustration, “... not at all. I didn't study illustration or train for it.”, she says. But that’s never held her back. Being inspired by a few artists such as Andy Warhol, Yayoi Kusama, and Ryan McGinness, Lee says “ I'm (still) drawn to simple images, bold colors, and layered design.” Her dynamic work has been featured in: Idiot Sitter on Comedy Central, Longmire on AMC, NPR Science and Mental Floss Magazine.

All artists know that sometimes motivating ourselves to just get the work done can be a struggle. Lee, like all of us, has faced the same struggle. “I've struggled with motivation before, but about a year ago I kicked my ass into gear and decided to completely change the way I live my life.” She says, “(If you ever need your own kick in the ass, read No Excuses: The Power of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracy). It's made a tremendous improvement in my personal and business life.” Lee has been promoting women in science for some time with her minimalist designs, and it’s certainly caught some eyes. Towards aspiring artists, like us at SCAD, Megan says: “Stop asking so many questions and just start making art!”

Check out her work here!