Meet Fashion It Girl: Amy Stoltenberg

While most college students are locked away in their dorms drowning in textbooks, Amy Stoltenberg spends her time a bit differently. You might have spotted this fashion guru on your Instagram feed, obsessing over her perfectly unique wardrobe, drooling over photoshots that she's styled, or envying her because she's gotten to interview some of our favorite celebrities. 

Amy is a Sophomore at the Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Fashion Design. This week, I got the chance to sit down, and speak to Amy about her life here at SCAD. From design, to styling, and even journalism, Amy has done it all. This multifaceted girl, shows us what it really means to get involved at SCAD. 


Her Campus: What made you choose SCAD's fashion program verse other schools?

Amy Stoltenberg: From all of my tours and info I’ve heard about SCAD, it was mostly how strong the industry connections are here. Also, I heard good things about the environment. A lot of the New York schools can get catty and negative towards fellow classmates. But at SCAD, it’s more of a collaborative environment.

HC: Some would say you've accomplished a lot in only two years. What would you say has been your biggest achievement?

AS:  Well, I wouldn’t say this is my biggest achievement. But, the best day of my entire life was last fall when I was invited to Andre Leon Talley’s cottage. I got to sit down, and interview him, and was able to ask him a question that related to my personal inspiration - Diana Vreemand. He worked with her at the costume institute in the 70s, and she’s part of the reason why I started studying fashion. I actually started crying during the interview.

HC:  How did you get involved with SCAD’s newspaper (The District), and what exactly is your role?

AS: I’m the Arts & Entertainment Editor. I wrote for my school newspaper in high school, and I thought it would be a good way to keep my writing alive because I’m a fashion design student. I didn’t want to lose the academic side of my brain-I wanted to keep that sharp. 

HC: Outside of being a fashion design major, what do you enjoy most about attending SCAD.

AS: Definitely writing for District. There are just so many opportunities that come with it. I think what I learned most, is that you have to make opportunities for yourself. Most of the celebreties I interviewed during the Film Festival, were not assigned to me. I just went after them myself. I think people just wait for permission a lot of times.I love District because it’s taught me to give myself that permission.

HC: Where do you get the most inspiration in regards to fashion?

AS: Definitely street style. I think that the way people combine clothes, and the way they choose clothes that fit them a certain way is so exciting. Everyone wears clothes differently – and that’s what’s so exciting to me. But, I think most of my inspiration draws from people who aren’t trying to make a statement. I think the creations of humanity is just what is so inspiring to me.

HC: Any favorite designers?

AS: Oh gosh. Lately I’ve been really into Dries van Noten. It’s a Dutch company with a very Norwegian, sort of darkly romantic brand. Their combination of silhouettes are inspired by menswear with this romantic nature sort of thing I find so interesting. My favorite designer changes all the time – that’s the great thing about fashion collections. They're always changing. I love Balmain and I also love Hermes.

HC: If you weren’t studying fashion, what else do you think you’d be doing?

AS: In an ideal world, I would be a princess right now, on my way to gain some magical country. But, If I had to go to school, and wasn’t studying fashion, I would be studying journalism.

HC: Finally, what would your dream career be?

AS: I don’t have a dream career or one place I want to end up. I know I want to be working somewhere with smart and funny people, and where I wake up excited to be alive and go to work. I want to work somewhere where I can spread kindness and make people laugh. As long as I’m doing that with a few designers shoes thrown in here and there, I would be totally happy.