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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.

Dear Younger Self, 

Congrats, you made it to adulthood. Kind of. 

You’re 20 years old now, and boy, have you been through some shit. Let me just start by saying that you are not the person you thought you were. Your life did not turn out the way you had planned. SURPRISE! 

You didn’t go to your dream university in Boston, or find the man of your dreams (yet). You no longer talk to anyone you went to high school with, and you have a completely different group of friends (but you’ll quickly learn that’s for the best). I’m also sorry to tell you that you haven’t gotten any taller. You’re still 5’3’’, which is quite depressing. 

I don’t want to give too much away because I don’t think you can handle it all right now. To put it simply, reality’s gonna hit you like a tidal wave, and it’s gonna knock you off your feet. 

But eventually, you’ll pick yourself back up, and everything will turn out okay. Actually, maybe better than expected, depending on how you look at things. 

I know you’re insecure and unsure of yourself now, but that isn’t going to last forever. Your journey of self-discovery isn’t going to be easy, but it will bring you to some beautiful places and allow you to meet some amazing people.  

Many nights of partying, trips to the ER, crying so many times in public you can’t keep count, and 3 tattoos later, you’ll finally feel the most self-assured you’ve ever felt in your life. Although you don’t turn out as expected, I hope the Future You is someone you can be proud of. 

One of the only things that has not changed is your love for storytelling and filmmaking. You’ve come to realize that it isn’t just a hobby, and hopefully one day, it will pay the bills. 

But for now, keep on doing what you love. Don’t let other’s judgments stop you from being yourself.

Enjoy being young while you still can. Take photos, and document every second. Because soon these moments will become distant memories, and the only way to preserve them will be to capture them on camera. Everything, including the good and bad, is temporary.

These videos will act as a reminder to your older self of your roots, and why you’re pursuing this creative career in times of doubt. But more importantly, they’re pretty damn funny to watch. 

Lastly, you’re so much stronger, smarter, and talented than you give yourself credit for. You’re lucky to be alive. Never take that for granted. 

As cheesy and redundant as it sounds, it will get better. Just sit back, and enjoy the ride. 

My name is Kaley! I am from Long Island, NY. I'm a Film and Television major at Savannah College of Art and Design. My goal is to one day produce, direct, and write films and music videos. Along with Film, I also love singing, photography, writing, and yoga.