Keeping Up with Fashion

Staying updated with something that is always changing just got easier!

Although in fashion trends may diminish and end, but fashion as a whole never ceases to change.

For the professionals, it comes natural and fluent to know what is the next big thing. Unlike those, for others fashion is difficult to keep up with. Here are some helpful tips to keep you up to date.

Your mobile and portable devices are your best friends.

While you are eating breakfast or drinking coffee in the early morning, next time do it while your laptop is in front of you.

Subscribing to newsletters is one of the easy ways to stay on top of things. Reading what certain brands have to say about their products will give you insight on what is to come.

Online magazines will be the most promising to give you what you need in order to know what collections are looking like on the runway and red carpeted events. Magazines such as Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and many others will never disappoint.

WGSN and Refinery29 are two great websites to find trends. “WGSN being the #1 and most trusted online fashion forecasting and trends service.” “Refinery29 being the leading digital-media company focused on women, providing its audience with inspiration and tools to discover style.”

Literally just reading through these options while pulling yourself together in the morning is effortless.

Snuggling in bed before falling asleep always requires a phone in hand. Right there is a great opportunity to do more research. Instead of dwelling over the worst parts of the day, take a look through your phone to see what hidden gems you can find. Fashion Apps are key when it comes to this situation.

Polyvore, Net-A-Porter, HEED, and numerous of other fashion apps lets you in on the latest style. All of them vary from personal styles, to industry trends. In other words street style- what “average people” are wearing day to day and you get to see/shop the look; and what designer brands are saying is the new trend in the fashion industry in relations to their specific style.

Instagram is the app we all know about. Taking advantage of the beloved app is actually a positive thing to do. Follow your favorite designers and bloggers to see what they are up to. Designer houses will usually show what they are working on for their upcoming collection. This will you give you an idea of what might be the next big trend. Also bloggers, more specifically fashion bloggers are the ones always hunting around in search for things to capture and write about. Their work is always new, fresh, but most importantly current with the trends.

Just be sure not to fall asleep on the jaw dropping updates.

Take advantage of your downtime! This pertains to the weekends especially. Go out and about walking around whether it be in your local location or if you are visiting another place.

Fashion, style, and trends are literally all around you! While going out for brunch with your friends, check out the window displays of the boutiques near by. Take a look at what your friends are wearing. The strangers that walk pass you or sit next to you, check them out!

Hopefully the process of keeping up to date with fashion is not has hard as you once thought. You have all the resources you need right at your fingertips, and right in front of your eyes.


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