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Horse Race + Fashion = Kentucky Derby

While the horses run, jockeys ride, and millionaires throw money, people are in position to look their best while sipping mint juleps down in Louisville, Kentucky.

“The most exciting two minutes in sports” in the US is the Kentucky Derby, a horse race located at Churchill Downs. The three year old thoroughbred are not the only ones watched closely as they race around the tracks; so is the style of the attendees.

Horse racing events were for the upper-class, giving the people of this status a way to show off their wardrobe from the latest spring fashion. When most people think of the Derby and fashion, they think hats! They become popular in the 1960s and overtime they have become massive, more colorful, and some more exaggerated and ornate than others. This year along with the prominent hats, the fashion was all about fun, colors, florals, and geometric patterns.


Athlete Rickie Fowler paired a bright pink horse/jockey printed blazer pairing it mint colored pants and a tie. The Kentucky Derby is probably the one event out of the few where you can dress like this without getting distasteful stares from miles away. Fashion expert, Carson Kressley wore a royal blue blazer over a floral print shirt and tie.

Making a statement and being noticed, is what it’s all about. Wearing daring and eye catching colors is the perfect way to go about it. Also the huge hats can be dead giveaways.


Although the stands appear to be a sea of the rainbow from a distance, and hats stretch out pass most wingspans, everyone is still watching the tracks. Essentially they have to make sure money from the bet is paid up when their chosen horse gets first place; paying attention very closely if they’ve been drinking too many juleps.


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Tajiya is pursuing her B.F.A. in Fashion Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Although she has a "passion for fashion" she has other interests that she finds of importance and loves to write about them.
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