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Hippies in Milan

Attending Milan Fashion Week was similar to traveling by time machine back to the seventies. Maxi dresses, suede, denim and neck scarves were just some of the retro trends that graced the runway.

Peter Dundas was one of the few designers that truly conveyed the throwback era with refinery. From tie-dyed maxi dresses that flew down the runway to beautiful crocheted mini-dresses accessorized with tall suede boots, it’s safe to say the hippies of fabulousness would have gone crazy for the Emilio Pucci collection that Dundas flawlessly constructed.

The Roberto Cavalli show saw hints of the seventies through an array of maxis and low-cut floral dresses with leather ankle wedges. Although, these looks were lost amongst a mix of sequins, feathers and animal prints during the show’s conclusion. However, the Just Cavalli collection portrayed the seventies exquisitely. Cavalli nailed the seventies look with amazing prints, the signature accent of the neck scarf, the flared trouser paired with a wide side belt and the bell sleeve. These were only a few attributes of the reintroduction of the hippie era.



Many designers did not get the memo of the seventies revival—such as Dolce and Gabbana and Salvatore Ferragamo. Through the use of Spanish influence, Dolce and Gabbana created a bull-fighting ring styled collection. The use of red and black throughout the collection combined with a variety of matador-style jackets with incredible embellishment detail captivated the audience and set their minds on Spain while they sat in Italy. On the other hand, Salvatore Ferragamo showed the viewer a collection of simplicity with clean lines, a neutral color palette, and an orange accent color throughout the show.



Dolce and Gabbana

Salvatore Ferragamo

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