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Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.

Trying to stay healthy in the dorm is hard, but trying to ignore your dessert cravings after dinner can be even harder. I know this first hand… chocolate lover & proud. Processed & packaged desserts might satisfy your sweet tooth, yes, but wouldn’t you rather find a treat that would both satisfy your craving & benefit your internal body? What if I told you there was a way you could get that tasty chocolate fix you desire while still staying on track with your health and fitness goals? Reminder: there is always a way, folks. 

Introducing superfood Cacao butter/powder/nibs. There’s so many ways you can get this magical food (which makes it all the more awesome). Cacao is the bean-like seed from which cocoa and chocolate are made from. I know, you’re probably wondering how in the heck this could be “healthy.” When companies make chocolate in their factories, Cacao is highly processed and stripped of all of it’s nutrients. However, if you purchase cacao in it’s purest form (butter, powder, nibs) you get all of it’s health benefits PLUS it’s indulgent, chocolate flavor. You’re getting the actual, natural food; not a processed by-product of it. Cacao is packed rich with antioxidants, magnesium, iron, fiber, flavonoids, and so much more. Hence why they deem it a superfood! I use cacao powder in everything from smoothies to coffee to recipes for baked goods! But today I’m showing how you can use cacao powder for the most perfect chocolate dessert.

Healthy Hot Chocolate 


Cacao powder

Nut milk (or dairy milk)

Coconut oil


My personal favorite milk to use in this is coconut milk because it just gives it a creamier consistency & adds more flavor. Grab a mug, add in 1 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp cacao powder, and about 3 tbsps of milk. Stir the mixture around and heat for about 45 seconds in the microwave. Take it out and stir again, making sure all of the contents are melted together. You may have to do this a few times until the mixture is melted into a liquid form. Once the cacao is melted, pour in the rest of your milk (however much of the hot chocolate you want) and heat for 2 minutes. Throw on some toppings like cinnamon, cacao nibs for that crunchy texture, chia seeds, or even add in some shredded coconut!

And there you have it, delicious and nutritious! I hope you give this a try because it is definitely my go-to after dinner treat. Plus, it’s nothing but good for you! 

is a freshman at SCAD who is majoring in Interactive Design & minoring in fashion journalism. Her favorite thing ever is waking up early on a weekend morning, turning on "the passenger" radio station on pandora, diffusing snickerdoodle essential oils, making a healthy breaky, blogging, & doing it all with a cup of coffee right by her side.