Hannah Amidon: Illustrator

Hannah Amidon is a 19 year old freshman studying illustration. Not only is she a talented artist, she also plays soccer for SCAD. I had the opportunity to catch up with her and learn about her love for puns, soccer, and being an artist. 

HC: When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

Hannah: My mom is an artist, so I was always around that growing up. When I was younger I had a big book of cartoons that I drew. Junior year I took Art 1 and that class changed my passion for art from a hobby to a career goal. 

HC: How does being an artist change your day to day life?

Hannah: I view things differently. Every day objects are changed because of the way I see them. (Hannah loves puns. Many of her pieces include clever ideas like "PigeOn, PigeOff"). 

HC: Who inspires you?

Hannah: My mom (who runs the instagram account @klibecap). 

HC: What are your tips for people coming to SCAD next year? 

Hannah: Take in everything you learn and use the help given to you. The foundation classes seem tedious but they teach us so many important things we will use throughout our careers. Also use the city to your advantage. Savannah is beautiful and it will inspire you. 

HC: Where can people find your art?

Hannah: On instagram at @hannahamidonart and I just put up a piece in Butterhead greens, across from Arnold.