Golden Globes 2016 : Which Look is You?

Let’s be honest. Though we love to see our favorite celebrity win an award for their amazing performance, many of us equally look forward to (if not more) seeing them walk down the red carpet.  This year at the 2016 Golden Globes, I was in awe of some of the gowns that some of the flawless stars were wearing. Each woman seemed to rock a dress that was totally unique and possessing of a different mood.

What would you wear to the Golden Globes? Well when it comes to choosing a dress, how we want to feel is a huge deciding factor. So inspired by that idea, here are five of some of my favorite gowns illustrated by me.

Feeling Mysterious

Feeling a little mysterious? Maybe you would have worn this gorgeous gown designed by Valentino.  It’s beautiful layering of Chiffon and sequenced detailing along the skirt makes it almost whimsical. Yet because the gown is black the gown is given a little more of a dark elegance that makes it more mature (Plus it’s designed with a cape detail! How cool is that?).

Feeling Cute and Fun

If you’re looking to be a little less glam but still super cute, check out this adorable dress designed by Delpozo. This short multi-colored strapless dress is perfect if you want to be a little more fun but still dressed up. Something like this is all about the accessories, so pull out those awesome heals and a statement piece of jewelry and strut that red carpet!

Feeling Confident

 Nothing says “ I’m Confident” more than wearing a bold-look-at me pop of color. I absolutely love this bright yellow gown designed by Giambattista Valli Couture.  It’s stunning and the dress fans out across the floor giving this a almost royalty feel. It’s a good combination I feel of sexy and classy. The high neckline and cape making it classy and the high slit and figure hugging fit makes it sexy.

Feeling Classy

Ahh the lady in red. We may tend to associate red with sexy, however depending on the style of dress it can also be very classy. What I think makes this red dress by Dior work is the shape and the way it is fitted. It’s not too tight nor is it very revealing. It has a very classic shape, but what makes it a little more interesting is that it has cut outs on the side of the dress that give it a bit more of a modern look.

Feeling Sexy

This dress was almost tied with the previous dress for being classy (does this not give you Marilyn Monroe vibes?). Yet for reasons that are probably a bit more obvious, I chose this beautiful black-velvet off the shoulder dress by Atelier Versace. It’s deep plunging neckline and its figure hugging shape with extra fabric on the hips creates a nice hourglass figure.  A perfect look for all our sexy ladies!

So what do you think? Would you wear one of these on the red carpet? These are only a couple of my favorites so make sure to take a look at these amazing gowns and dresses from the 2016 Golden Globes to discover more and determine your favorites.