Get To Know One of My Favorite People: Alexandra Powell

I walk into Alexandra’s apartment and I am greeted by her black cat. Her place is filled with trinkets, iridescent fabrics and artwork. We sit down and work and chat for a few hours talking about school projects and music. And remember that I have to interview her.

HC: When did you decide being an artist was what you seriously wanted to do as a career? What encouraged you to pursue Fashion Design and are you happy with your choice?


AP:  I was overwhelmed by the options. My grandma exposed me to the arts from a young age. Through middle school I felt I wasn’t going to be as good but in high school I found my groove with guidance from my art teacher. I knew I wanted to go to Art School but I didn’t want to study Fine Art. I preferred mixed media and had an interest in fashion so I figured FASM would be a good fit. I took Intro to Fashion Design and Sewing Tech and loved it. I liked being hands on and making the clothing but I had a hard time committing to the major switch. I didn’t think I had as good of a shot with fashion compared to my peers because of their longtime interest in fashion design. After I finished five Fashion Design oriented courses I knew it was time to make the switch. I took one Fashion Marketing class.


HC: Did you hate it?


AP: Do not get me started! It was fun but it did not compare to design.



HC: What’s the best advice you can give to someone planning to attend art school?


AP: If you’re thinking about it, don’t count it out as an option, take a serious look into it. After looking into it, if you have any doubt that it’s the right fit for you, RUN! Rethink your decision if you aren’t sure. It’s a huge commitment. But don’t fear a creative career and that it won’t be good enough. As soon as you get to art school it’s so encouraging to be around people who have similar ideas about where their career path will lead them. But be sure.


HC: You grew up in a relatively small town in Virginia and now you’re going to school in (what some people consider) a major city – Savannah. You and your boyfriend also have done lots of traveling together over the past 2 years. How do your surroundings affect your art and your creative process?


AP: Growing up in a small town enabled me to take in my surroundings and look closely at what was around me. The pace was slow and my hometown is abundant in natural beauty. I think because I grew up there now everywhere I go I still have that eye for detail. When I travel I look deeper at the places I go and my travels inspire me. I am so fortunate to be with someone who is eager to experience new places with me and he has opened my eyes to what’s out there.


HC: You and your boyfriend have been together for quite some time, how difficult has it been to manage a relationship in college, let alone with another artist?


AP: Oh my Gosh! Remember in the devil wears Prada when Andrea broke up with her boyfriend and Nigel said “let me know when your whole life goes up in flames, that’s when you’re doing well at your job?” Its true because when you’re doing well at one thing, the other suffers. I don’t think that I would be in this successful of a relationship if he didn’t understand what life was like as an art student. it gets tricky especially with my major because my peers and teachers think having a relationship while involved in fashion is crazy. It’s just as difficult as rewarding though. I think if you’re driven enough you can have it all.  Shout-out to him though because I know it’s not easy and I am so lucky to have someone who can be so patient with me.


HC: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about being in a serious relationship while in school?


AP: In college, you’re growing and changing and it’s exciting to have someone to spend that time with because they’re growing and changing as well. It’s fun to have a best friend to go through this time with. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that you’re in a relationship, you need to be conscious of the other person’s feelings too. It’s important to make time for work and play. He is so encouraging from day to day and that helps a lot with keeping my head in the game.


HC: How do you deal with the uncertainty graduation has to offer for your relationship and your career?


AP: That’s just it—it’s uncertain. Its easy to worry but I try not to. NO one knows what is going to happen and I HAVE FAITH THAT God has a plan and if I do my best everything will play out how it was supposed to. I try not to let my mind run away with it because SCAD is preparing me for a future. I look at it as an advantage that I didn’t always know I wanted to do Fashion Design. As far as the relationship, I believe if it’s meant to be it will be. I’m very excited to see what happens and I think my excitement over powers my fear.



HC: Have you been through any road blocks with friends during school and what’s your advice for people who want to maintain friendships they had in high school and the new ones they make in college?


AP: Hmm…okay. Your real friends will love you no matter how far away you are. If you’re friendship means something you guys will make it happen even if you don’t talk to them every week. Friends in college are so hard! You spend a lot of time with people in your major and those who aren’t in your major sometimes have a hard time understanding what you’re going through. One of the most special things about SCAD is that there are so many people with different views and talents than your own. I think those differences enrich the creative process.


HC: How do you find the balance of having fun and making memories without compromising putting your best foot forward when it comes to school and projects?


AP: It’s not easy –at all, but college is all about managing your time. I love to have fun and explore my surroundings. I think it’s important to remember that the reason we’re here, and our parents are paying so much money, is for our futures and once it’s over – its over. You don’t want to miss your shot. You need know why you’re here and really want to be here. It all boils down to your priorities and time management.


HC: Finally, what are you most looking forward to these last couple years of school?


AP: Finishing! No! I just want to make the most of it. The other day my boyfriend said “Isn’t it weird to think that we’re never going to be in savannah with our friends going to SCAD again after graduation?” I thought about it the whole day after he said it. This is a really special time in our lives. I want soak up every minute of it while I still can. And obviously, I look forward to killing it Senior Year.