Get To Know The Band: The Maine

I am always dying to find new music to either jam out to in the shower or alone in my room. Those crucial times call for upbeat music that just pound on your bedroom walls, in a good way. 

It’s really a mystery of how I found a lot of the music I listen to. I’ve been listening to pop music all my life from just having the radio on as background music— then I started getting into pop-rock as I got older. I ended up really loving the genre for their upbeat rock feel that would always put me in a good mood, and that is how I found the band, The Maine. 

Get ready to dive into your new favorite band, because The Maine rocks with a type of upbeat you cannot stop listening to. Formed in 2007 in Arizona despite having a title from a northeastern state, the band consists of singer John O’Callaghan, Kennedy Brock, Jared Monaco, Garrett Nickelsen, and Pat Kirch. They released their first EP that same year, 2007, titled The Way We Talk. The EP has around 5 songs introducing the song of their newly formed band. 

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Off the album, The Way We Talk, my favorite song ends up being “The Way We Talk”— which also happened to be the title of their EP. An upbeat tune, of course, I personally think it introduces the underlying sound of their music. This EP is the foundation of their signature sound. Yes, it has changed over the years, but that same light rock and roll vibe is still there.

After releasing more albums and singles, the band caught wind of many record labels such as Warner Bros. Records, and soon after Alternative Press. They began touring with Vans Warped Tour all over the world, and still continue to headline on the popular festivals set list. 

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop— a full length album by The Maine appeared at number 40 on the Billboard charts, catching the eye of many. 

The band is very similar to other bands such as The Summer Set, The 1975, A Rocket to the Moon, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, and Boys Like Girls. You may recognize some of these bands from your tween childhood memories, but most of them are still new, upcoming and frequently releasing new music. 


Below is a list of all albums and EP’s by The Maine, and my take on their best songs off that album— check them out!

Black and White: "Every Road"

Pioneer: "Some Days"

Pioneer (B Sides): "Good Love"

Forever Halloween: "Love & Drugs"

American Candy: "Another Night on Mars"

Covers (A Sides): "You Get What You Give" 

            (B Sides): "Hold On We’re Going Home"


The Maine is currently beginning their headlining Spring North American tour with The Mowgils and Beach Weather. Be sure to check them out!

Image curtsey of The Maine's Instagram

And be sure to check out their new single, "Bad Behavior." Their newest album is planned for release in April!

Title Image curtsey of The Maine's Instagram