Female Celebrities Alongside Black Lives Matter

Although issues to create the movement started decades ago, the official Black Lives Matter movement formed 3 years ago in 2013, as an international activist movement and community that campaigns against violence, and racism towards black people.

The numerous amounts of people took to the streets to protest in the communities such as Ferguson, Manhattan, Baltimore, Minneapolis, and much more. Through putting their hands up in the air, bullhorns, poster boards, and many hash tags, each individual’s voice is heard.

Yes it’s one thing to hear from the “ordinary,” but here is how the celebrities, specifically the female celebs are taking action.

Actress and singer, Zendaya, has played a huge role within the BLM community. Often and openly she speaks out to the public on black culture and history aside from taking part in BLM discussions through social media.


She continues to try to reach out to her fans and peers about the topic. She gives her viewers resources, which we can then use to help or to simply do research to gain more knowledge about the situation. She holds her own and doesn’t back down to what anyone has to say. She strongly believes in what she says and does so to help out. What’s great about her platform is that her hash tags are reach younger and older generations as well.

14-year-old actress Rowan Blanchard recognizes her platform and privilege and uses them to speak out. In a Girl’s Life Magazine interview she was asked about recognizing white privilege and Rowan responds with, “It’s easy to think that movements like Black Lives Matter don’t affect me but, because I’m white, I benefit from the discrimination that others struggle with. I want to use that privilege to help others and start a dialogue”


Again, like many other activists she stands her ground and doesn’t take anyone’s crap! Her age also makes all the difference! Her hashtags speak out directly to a younger generation. But because the older generation cares deeply about “their children/their future” they want to listen to what she and others her age have to say.

Here are some other female celebrities that had something to say such as Lena Dunham, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga

Knowing that female role models are speaking up gives the courage to other females to do so. It empowers others to be strong and know that our voices are to be heard and that they will be.  These ladies don’t care whether they lose many “fans,” followers, or even get hundreds of hate responses. They are leading by example and standing up for what is right. By these ladies sharing their thoughts and opinions proves that one’s race and age does not matter when speaking upon something so crucial as racial equality.

To some a hashtag is just a trend that will eventually fade out. To the Black Lives Matter community, a hashtag makes all the difference. It shows support, love, unity, fight, strength, and overcompensate.

Black Lives Matter is neither a trend nor a movement that will deteriorate; it is a peaceful confrontation to fix the errors that are being made everyday here and elsewhere, no matter how long it will take.  #BlackLivesMatter


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