Fashion-UP For Halloween

Christmas may be referred to as the happiness time of the year and Thanksgiving the most thankful, but Halloween is defiantly the most exciting. As children we loved the dressing up, the night out, the decorations on the streets and of course the free candy. Years later in college... we still love it! Although in college we are all around 17 to 23, who says we can't still enjoy the simply pleasure of All Hallows Eve? Sure, the trick or treating has mostly phased out and we don't walk parade in our costumes at school for a day, but many of us still love a good costumes.

In college we develop all kinds of styles and fashions, and with Halloween coming just around the corner, it seemed the style interested in college has spiked. People all around are planning out what outfit to wear. You could be a sexy bunny, plump pumpkin, ghoulish ghost, firefighter, zombie, Macbeth, you know it because on Halloween all costumes are found.

Fashion is a big aspect in life and sometimes people forget how it effects us during the holidays seasons. On Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter or Thanksgiving you are expected, in most families, to dress accordingly. This typically means you will be wearing formal wear to appease the relatives. On the 4th of July you dress in the nations colors, on St. Patrick's day you dress in greens, and on Halloween, all of the above, because anything goes. So rock out on Halloween! Work that face make-up, adjust the costume and hit the town for whatever Halloween party, parade, or town event is up and ready. Trick' or Treat fashionistas!

Here are some clever and exciting things to try out for this year's Halloween, enjoy!

If you're going with your boyfriend, why not try something sweet, like this couples Candyland duo costume!

Why just be a chef when you could also be a pizza. Afterall, everybody loves a good slice of some cheesy pizza! 

You could be a historical figure like Cleopatra. Or you could be a character from a story like Star War's Luke Skywallker. So what if you're a girl, we can still rock a good male character once in a while so have at it!