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Designer Profile: Christopher Rogers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.


Name: Christopher Rogers

Year: Sophomore

Major: Fashion Design

OM: How do you describe your design aesthetic?

CR: Contemporary romanticism dipped in the ethnic, artisanal, and exotic.

OM: What inspires your designs?

CR: Usually a lot of Midcentury fashion photography, abstract expressionism, and color field artwork. Garments and aesthetics from indigenous tribes around the world are another source of inspiration. I can be inspired by anything from beetles to microscopic organisms. It really depends on the day.

OM: Describe your most recent experience showing your collection at New Orleans Fashion Week.

CR: I showed a twelve look collection during New Orleans Fashion Week. It was inspired by Midcentury Japanese courtesans, but viewed through a contemporary lens. The show was really fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy it! I received a lot of positive feedback.

OM: What advice do you have for other fashion savvy SCAD students?

CR: Work, work, work! Every second of your day should be devoted to improving your craft, and trying your best. Also, really pay attention to what you are doing, and have a singular vision. Looking at what everyone else is working on and getting distracted is NOT what you want.


Photo by Nikki Krecicki

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