Cutie Alert! Meet Taylor Miller

Taylor Miller, a senior Fashion Marketing and Photography student can be spotted on the go between Morris and Bergen Hall. If he's not creating look books for his Fashion Marketing class, he's photographing them. And if he's not photographing them, well, he's styling them. Or someties even all three! I think it's a little safe to say that Taylor has pretty good experience all across the board. I'm so glad to have gotten to squueze in a little time out of Taylor's busy schedule to sit and find out a little more about his role as a student stylist here at SCAD.


HC: How did you become so involved with styling here at SCAD?

TM: Well, I've always styled my own shoots. When I was collaborating on a group project during fall quarter for a Ralph Lauren inspired look book, my friend Hannah Kik asked me to style her final project for Photogrpahy, "Champagne". That shoot definitely got me a lot of attention.


HC: Does it ever become difficult to manage styling for outside projects and your own school work?

TM: It can for sure become challenging. But, I love what I do and I love contributing to help a vison come to life.


HC: What elements do you consider when styling for photo shoots?

TM: I have two requirements. I need to have a clear and concise concept and a mood board. With those two things, I then can start to pull clothes from a local store that fits the concept best, and start creating looks.


HC: What kinds of photo shoots would you say you're most comfortable styling? Such as editorial, lifestyle, conceptual, etc?

TM:I love styling for editorial shoots. It would be the dream to style an editorial for Harper's Bazaar, W, or even GQ.


HC: Not only do you create looks for others to look fab, but I've noticed you're always dressed stylishly yourself. How would you describe your personal style?

TM: Well thank you! That's so sweet of you to say. I would say my style is classic modern. I love taking classic pieces and mixing it with trendier pieces.


HC: If you could be a personal stylist for anyone, who would it be?

TM: That is such a tough question. If I had to choose, it would be either Blake Lively or Charlize Theron. They are literal perfection.