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Coffee Lovers Unite in Savannah

Downtown Savannah has a lot of wonderful things to offer to tourists, college students, and most importantly –  those who cannot live without 5 cups of coffee a day. With the many coffee shops crowding the streets, you won’t turn a corner without finding one. However, I would not limit the small, quaint shops to coffee – teas and treats galore cover the menus.

Instead of you prowling the streets to find the perfect ones, here is a list of the top 5 coffeehouses I have grown to love – and where my money has disappeared to.

  1. The Gallery Expresso 

Located on Bull Street, almost in the middle of downtown Savannah, I have been served one of the best (and maybe the actual best) Matcha Green Tea latte my taste buds have ever tasted. Walking in, you are automatically greeted with homey feels and a welcoming atmosphere. The walls are covered with many local artists’ artwork, and you will never find the same chair or couch. You have your basic coffee menu, along with teas and soft drinks. The food menu is not the largest, but every item is definitely worth trying. And with walking distance away from the student dorms at SCAD, how could you not just pop in?

Personally, I would recommend The Gallery Expresso for their warm green teas, bagels and tomatoes, and lastly their cheap (but delicious!) coffee.

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2. Savannah Coffee Roasters 

I could almost taste their amazing house made coffee miles away. Cold or hot, it would never disappoint. The small shop located on Liberty Street, greets you with long menus of coffees, teas, brunch, and lunch. Popular for students to go work on projects and papers, they offer large amounts of space to spread out and create some fabulous work.

This place is popular among my roommates and I since it is so close to our dorm, and offering yummy food we cannot pass up. A mango smoothie and warm toast is perfect for any Friday morning. 

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3. The Coffee Fox

This joint might have only made the list because I continue going back for the sole reason of hoping to meet the dog I met the first time I went. For all those wondering, I have not. Good thing I am always supplied with warm chai tea lattes, and fig chocolate scones I could eat forever.  Not only do they offer locally roasted brews, the also offer beers, wines, and cheeseboards for those of you going out after 12 – but hey, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

I cannot seem to venture past the yummy chai tea lattes they serve me, but word on the street is their coffee is delicious!

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4. Collins Quater  

Famous for their photogenic food and lattes, it’s a must go-to place if you’re visiting Savannah. I cannot rave enough of their avocado toast topped with poached eggs and cherry tomatoes. The atmosphere is clean, bright and exciting. Their coffee bar has a wide variety of items, as well as mimosas sparkling on a Sunday afternoon. You cannot help but Instagram your meal, it’s what they’re known for!

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5. The Blue Door

If you have similar tastes to my taste buds, you crave breakfast foods at all hours of the day. The Blue door off Bull Street near Forsyth Park is famous for coffee and waffles. After walking in, you are greeted with the aroma of strawberries, sweet batter mix, and coffee beans. For those with a sweet tooth are able to top off their waffles with chocolate or Nutella, but why not both?

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Coming from North Carolina, I did not grow up in such a busy hectic city. Although, I have grown a strong passion for writing and blogging through the mist of living in a small town. Along with blogging and writing, I have strongly added fashion into a lot of my content. Now, a freshman in college, I am excited to explore more of what a bigger city like Savannah has to offer.
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