Campus Cutie: Alfie Allen

In case you're not aware, Alfie Allen is one of the hottest actors (looks and talent wise) currently on the film and TV screen.  He began his carreer in the age of 12 in the film, As Dominic. He then went on to play Tarasov in John Wick where his character was a dog killing Russian gangster .He is no stranger to playing the role of a villain. Though he’s been acting for most of his life, he is most known for his role as Theon Greyjoy on HBO’s Game of Thrones. His ability to stand out on the show which has earned 12 Emmy’s this year is worth to be noticed. Alfie Allen got a Rising star Award at this year’s Savannah Film Festival presented by SCAD for the excellent work he has been doing.

I got a chance to interview him exclusively for Her Campus SCAD. Take a look at our brief encounter on the red carpet: