Campus Celebrity: Meet Hannah Kik

There's no doubt that you've seen glamorous images of fashion photography floating around just about every social network you own. And what do these photos have in common? They're all probably taken by Hannah Kik. Hannah, a Photography major and Fashion Marketing minor, is becoming one of SCAD's leading photographers. She's the girl you will want to go to for all of your photography needs, and believe me - she won't disappoint. While attending SCAD full-time, Hannah also manages and runs her own personal photo business and works with amateur models who dream of making it big. Hannah's amazing gift of creating a concept and working to bring it to life, truly earned her the spot of this week's campus celebrity.

HC: When did you discover your love for photography?

HK: This is sucha cliche answer, but I've always loved photography. Ever since I was 6 or so, I would use my parents cameras and dress my sister up and have a photo shoot. But, in high school the passion really blossomed as I figured out that I loved producing shoots even more.


HC: What is it about fashion photography that makes it your style of choice?

HK: I absolutely LOVE the costume and production of the whole event. I love how much planning and effort it takes to produce a fashion shoot.


HC: Are there any other creative aspects revolving around photography that you enjoy?

HK: I love directing! Collaborating, also! Working with other artists in their element is such a magical experience for me.


HC: What is the driving force behind your photography that makes you one of the most sought after photographers at SCAD?

HK: I think I just push myself to try new things. There's never a moment where I step back and think I can't do this.. I just go for it!


HC: How do you balance th heavy workload at SCAD and your own projects?

HK: I allow my personal life and school work to sort of blend together. I live in this world of art, school, and friends, and I never turn off my school mode.


HC: Only being a Sophomore, do you have any exciting internships or job offers already under your belt?

HK: Yes! This summer I'll be interning with Nfocus Magazine in Louisville, Kentucky!


HC: What career do you hope to land post graduation?

HK: I hope to be producing photo shoots/directing with a fashion magazine!