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If you don’t already know her, you should. Photography major, Paige MacCready is the epitome of everything bohemian, from her style to her attitude. She even admitted to the fact that most of her accessories are collected from random places, including her ex, and pieces left behind from parties at her place. Coming from someone who plans their outfits meticulously, I can’t help but wish I could throw things on without thinking about it, and look as adorable as she does.


P.S. her style icons are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (love) so you already know she's trustworthy when it comes to style.


Outfit details.

Ear cuff: Earthbound Trading Company, Leather Jacket: Nordstrom, T-Shirt: Hanes, Dress: Free People, Boots: Frye


Describe your style.

It’s eclectic. I pick stuff out and I throw it on. I try not to think about it too much because then it gets too complicated looking. Boho, eclectic and grungy.


How did you get into fashion?

I got into fashion when I was little. My mom would joke that I would change my clothes all the time. I had no idea what I was doing either; I would change my clothes everyday like 3 times a day, at least.


As a photography major and fashion marketing minor, how do both go hand-in-hand for you?

When I’m thinking about a fashion shoot, I think about what I’m going to be shooting. The two inform each other. The clothes make the photograph work just like the photograph makes the clothes work.


Favorite Designer?

Marc Jacobs. He’s awesome and he is always so unexpected. He does things that he likes and because of that it becomes current. He’s fresh, new and young. For me, Chanel is always going to be a classic, but Marc Jacobs appeals more to our generation.


Style wise, L.A. or NYC?

Definitely New York, I’ve never been to L.A. so that’s part of the reason. After I visited New York for a second time when I was in high school, my style completely changed. I feel like they are more creative in NYC, especially because of the weather and how it affects them learning to layer.


One must have in your closet.

Harem pants all the way. They're comfy, cute and always appropriate for class.


If you want to see more of Paige and her work, check out her blog at http://paigemaccready.blogspot.com/.


Shoutout to my lovely photographer as well. If you’d like to see more of Maddie’s work you can see her portfolio at http://www.behance.net/madeleinemivey.

Student at the Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management with a minor in writing. Shoe enthusiast with a deep rooted love for Alexander Wang. Contact: ashleynrosales@gmail.com Instagram/Twitter: @smvshed www.smashedavocados.com
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