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Best Places To Get Vegan Food In Savannah

Being vegan is not easy. Most restaurants don’t cater to the diet, and finding supermarkets that sell good quality vegan cheese and meat alternatives can be a challenge. 

But it definitely isn’t impossible. Even in Savannah, a city notorious for its rich, delicious southern cuisine, there are some great organic restaurants and delis that cater to vegans. Yes, this list is quite small right now, but in this scenario, it’s all about quality over quantity. 


1. Beetnix Savannah Juice Bar – 18 E. Broughton Street 

    When I die, Beetnix is going to be what my heaven looks like. It’s always such a treat for me to get a tasty meal there. The atmosphere is so bright and welcoming. I instantly feel good vibes the moment I walk in. My obsession with this place might be unhealthy, but at least the food is healthy! They offer “cold-pressed juices, juice cleanses, nut milks, smoothies, acai and pitaya bowls, and fresh superfood salads.” Nourishing the body and mind with nutritious foods is their top priority, so you never leave unsatisfied! 


    -Warrior One Pitaya Bowl 

    -The Buddha Bowl 

    -Seasonal Quinoa Chili

    -The Harvest Bowl Salad 


If you love Beetnix as much as I do, definitely follow their official Instagram account. Occasionally, they make special dishes that are only available while supplies last, like their Pitaya Vegan Cheesecake, that you don’t want to miss out on! 


2. Brighter Day Natural Foods Market – 1102 Bull Street 

    If you ever find yourself in Forsyth Park, this place is totally worth checking out. Last summer, I would go there everyday, grab a sandwich to go, and sit in the park. ULTIMATE BLISS! Not only are they a small supermarket that sells produce and other vegan necessities, they also have a small deli that offers “organic sandwiches, juices, smoothies, desserts, salads, and other dishes.” Brighter Day is one of my favorite places in Savannah because there’s such a wide range of vegan dishes to choose from, and the options are different everyday! I may go overboard when grocery shopping there, but to me, it’s completely worth it. 




    -Vegan Avocado Sandwich 

    -Vegan “Tuna” Salad Sandwich

    -Vegan Carrot Cake 


3. Kayak Kafe Broughton – 1 E. Broughton Street 

    Having a hard time picking a place to have lunch with friends or a significant other? Trying to find a place that serves meals for meat and plant lovers? Well, worry no longer! Kayak Kafe is famous for their flavorful “salads, burritos, quesadillas, and sandwiches.” Although most of the items on the menu are vegetarian, many of them can easily be made vegan! 



    -Vegetarian Salad (with tofu)

    -Tiger Tofu and Vegetable Quesadilla 


4. Carlito’s Mexican Bar and Grill – 119 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. 

    This restaurant will definitely keep your Mexican food cravings at bay. They have an entire section on their menu for vegetarians, and many of those dishes can be made vegan, by adding vegan cheese! Also, I highly recommend going there for dinner on your birthday. The waiters will sing to you, and give you a sombrero to wear. It doesn’t get better than that.


    -Vegetarian Fajitas 

    -Spinach and Mushroom Quesadilla 


5. The Sentient Bean – 13 E Park Ave. 

    Last, but certainly not least, after you grab a sandwich at Brighter Day, you can go next door (literally) to The Sentient Bean. This cozy little cafe offers yummy vegan breakfast and lunch options, and smoothies that can be blended with soy or almond milk. Like the other places on this list, this place is DEFINITELY, without a doubt, VEGAN FRIENDLY!




    -Vegan Super-bowl

    -Vegan Breakfast Burrito and Tacos


Now, what are you waiting for? Go forth and EAT! 


My name is Kaley! I am from Long Island, NY. I'm a Film and Television major at Savannah College of Art and Design. My goal is to one day produce, direct, and write films and music videos. Along with Film, I also love singing, photography, writing, and yoga.
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