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In lieu of fashion week, I thought I’d share my favorite show of the season. After watching as many shows as I could, I kept coming back to Altuzarra. First of all, I’d be remiss not to mention that the show was also the debut of his new handbag collection, which was really unique. The large bags featured huge leather tassels reminiscent of the BDSM trend courtesy of the premier Of 50 Shades of Grey.

The collection was extremely on point for the customer. He obviously knows the woman he is dressing. “She’s loaded, she’s a provocateur, and she’s unafraid of a thigh-high slit.” The collection consisted mostly of reconstructed menswear. He added a feminine flare with flouncy hems and delicate lace. The classic tailoring was made sexy with high slits and plunging necklines.  However my favorite part about the collection would have to be the abundance of fur. It just made the collection so rich and luxurious. I am also a huge fan of the thigh high lace boots.

Altuzrra’s best selling outerwear was given a run for its money this season because it was the velvet dévoré dresses that really seduced. The seemingly weightless dress captured the essence of the 1970’s and 1890’s with its jewel tones and white lace. Honestly, I think the abundance of androgyny and using sexuality got a little annoying this season. Usually, that would be my favorite, but it seems like EVERYBODY did it this season. However, this collection was just head and shoulders above the rest. It was sexy yes, but it was sophisticated and smart. It was just incredible. I definitely suggest you give it a look. 

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