Alexis McKay: Stage Manager

I sat down with Production Design senior Alexis McKay, and we talked growing into a woman during college, falling in love with stage management, and handling graduation.


Alexis is a Production Design major at SCAD with a concentration in stage management. Originally, she wanted to be a props master but her first experience as a stage manager was beautiful and she fell in love.


HC: Why do you love being a stage manager?

AM: I love that I am involved in every step of the process. My input is valued which is really great.


HC: How do you incorporate stage management into other goals that you have?

AM: I want to open up my own theatre that helps marginalized children. I believe that being a stage manager, and all of the other aspects of theatre, can help people find themselves.


HC: What is your dream stage management as of right now?

AM: I would love to manage Waitress with Sara Barailles, which is ending as I finish my quarter here.


HC: What has your transition at SCAD been like? From freshman year to now, being a senior?

AM: Freshman year I wasn’t a fan of college. I hadn’t settled into the process of college and I was always threatening to drop out. Foundation studies were my worst enemy. But, spring quarter I got put on an electrics crew for a show and fell in love with the people. Now I love what I’m doing and have grown tremendously as a person. I found myself in that and it taught me that sometimes we have to go through harder times to get to the really beautiful moments of life.



HC: What are some weird things to know about you?

AM: I’m a second degree black belt in karate, can read 500 pages in two hours, and was a dog handler for two years


Photos by Ali Forrest