7 Tips for Meeting the Parents

This past weekend, I finally met the parents of my boyfriend of four months. He’s pretty great, so I was sure they would be too. However, I was soo nervous.Thank goodness he gave me a few weeks warning, so I had more than enough time to plan and prepare, and of course, PANIC! So many questions ran through my head including “Will they like me?”, “What should I wear?”, etc. Since I was at a loss, I decided to turn to the internet to answer all of my questions. Sadly, I was greatly disappointed because it was no help at all. So, I decided to share some pointers to hopefully alleviate some of that stress for you girls.

1.BE YOURSELF: This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind. Not only will it be obvious that you are putting on a front, but it will be much more comfortable for you if you just act naturally. Your boyfriend likes you for you. That’s the girl the parents want to meet.

2. LOOK GOOD, BUT BE COMFORTABLE: This was probably the most nerve-racking part. I’m a fashion major, however my boyfriend and his parents are pretty conservative in their dress. I didn’t want to be too artsy, but I did want to look good. I have a habit of wearing all black, and for some reason I thought they would think it was a bad thing. So I tried on everything I owned, but the only thing I felt comfortable in was an all black outfit.  So I threw on a colorful necklace, and went with it. I’m so glad I did, because I felt good in what I wore, and my confidence showed. The last thing you want to worry about is how your dress is fitting, or you feel weird because you’re in something you’d never wear. So when picking out what to wear, keep #1 in mind....BE YOURSELF, so you can be comfortable.

3. WEAR A CONVERSATION PIECE: Like I said, I threw on a chunky necklace for some color. Thank goodness I did! It was actually a great icebreaker. After we introduced ourselves, there was a short awkward silence. But his mother commented on it, and it started an entertaining conversation, that lead to even more great conversation. It was also cool because three waitresses commented on it during dinner, and a lady ran after me when we left the restaurant, to ask where I got it. I feel like the necklace gave me some bonus points too. So wear an interesting piece of jewelry or some fun shoes. But don’t over do it.

4. SHOW INTEREST IN THEM: Ask questions about them. Not only is it flattering to them, it gets the attention off of you for a little bit.

5. SHOW YOUR INTEREST IN THEIR SON:  The main reason they are there is because you are with their son, and they want to meet the girl that is making him happy. This is a subtle way to reassure them, that you are a good girl, and you’re taking care of their son (even if you aren’t always an angel).

6. TALK ABOUT YOUR FAMILY: This was actually the best part of the night. I started telling them cute stories about my life, and family. In return, they told me stories about my boyfriend and, their family. This part was so much fun, and really killed the tension, and made the night.

7. BE GRACIOUS:  Be sure they know you enjoyed meeting them, and that you appreciate them taking the time to get to know you. Especially if they take you out; make sure you say thank you. 

All in all, just relax, because you’ll be fine. Remember your boyfriend likes you for you and if he didn’t think they would like you, he wouldn’t want to introduce you guys. Be yourself, and have fun.