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5 Ways to Get Back to School



5 Ways to Get Back to School


Going back to school is extremely tough. Especially getting back to the grind here at SCAD. Here are five easy, simple tips for getting back into the groove once again.


1. Stick to a Study Schedule

The first step in keeping a schedule is writing it down! Buy a planner and decide exactly what time is study time. Other tips include studying with a partner or try committing yourself to certain number of hours working, then giving yourself a small break. Repeating this cycle is a great way to ensure a productive study habit. If you are having trouble paying attention in your dorm room or cafeteria, try going to the library. The library is one of my absolute favorite spots to do homework. It provides an insane amount of quiet, space, and books. Another place which has recently been brought to my attention is the Foxy Loxy Café on Bull Street. Foxy is a unique two story coffee shop with remarkable tacos. Foxy is definitely my new favorite place to work silently and drink a cup of tea.




2. Exercise and Eat

Now the study schedule is set, do not forget to include set time to eat three square meals a day and exercise at least three times a week. It is important to keep your body in good condition in order to be the most productive. The SCAD gym is a wonderful facility everyone definitely needs to check out.

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3. Get up, Go to Class

Set alarms! I cannot stress this enough. I am a fan about setting multiple alarms to wake me up and to alert me to what time I need to leave. Always be early to class to grab the ideal seat. Make sure to pack a drink and snack in order to not feel tired. Be prepared to know the bus/car schedule. Do not take a nap so close to class time, it will only make you more tired!


4. Stay Social

Finally, you are in a great routine and your body is feeling healthy and productive as well. Now it is time to make sure you spend time with your friends. Some ideas include joining or starting a club, getting a part time job, or working on projects/collaborations. SCAD and the city of Savannah have so much to offer young talented adults like us. Get out there and take advantage of the city around us.


5. Stay Sane

Do not forget to give yourself time to relax! Yes, we are all busy people with busy lives   and a million of obstacles to solve. However, we are just human. We need time to decompress and regroup. Make sure you are getting a healthy amount of sleep each night. Also have a create outlet that is not homework. To stay sane, I enjoy reading a book, going for a walk or run, and going to the beach. Forsyth Park is an amazing spot to spend the day outdoors and in the hot sunshine.


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