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  1. Wake up to a song that you like as your alarm
  2. http://www.hellawella.com/quiz-what-song-should-you-wake-morning

Waking up to one of your favorite songs instead of the dreaded beeping of an alarm sound will help you want to get ready.


  1. Get ready to your favorite songs
  2. http://www.greylikesweddings.com/the-archive/engagements/wedding-bridal-shoot/style-getting-ready-photos/

You will feel energized before coffee with your favorite songs playing in the background.


  1. Change your phone background to something inspiring.


You look at your phone a lot why not put something positive on there?


  1. Smile to yourself when you start to feel sad
  2. http://www.sheknows.com/beauty-and-style/articles/1063912/benefits-of-soy-on-skin
  3. You will look crazy doing it but it will make you feel 100 times better.


  1. Do one new thing a day
  2. http://www.thepassportlifestyle.com/thomas-cooks-explore-the-elements-photo-contest/
  3. Take a different route home from work or play a different station on the radio, keep yourself guessing

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