5 Timeless Fall Fashion Pieces

It's that time of the year again. You are rummaging through your closet, pulling out last year's fall fashions to see what will work for this year and dissapointedly realize that every fall piece you own is no longer in style, causing you to think the worst - (SHOPPING SPREE!) But think again! Though some fall fashion pieces are trendy, they tend to go out of style in just a few short months. Howeevr there are timeless pieces that can work every fall season. If this year you decide to be a little more frugal with you rmoney, here are 5 timeless fashion items that you can revamp and wear again just about every year!


1. Turtleneck

Who doesn't love a good turtleneck?  Available in styles such as the ribbed turtlekneck, the chunky oversized turtleneck, and the turtleneck dress - There is no way you can go wrong with this staple item. Turtlenecks look great with a chic wool floppy hat and a large tote bag.


2. Printed Scarf

Good year round! Perfect as a light accessory for breezy summer days and days when it's actually needed for warmth and paired with stylish cableknit sweater. Elevate your outfit by wearing the scarf as a poncho or as an extra layer held in place wit a chunky belt.


3. Opaque Tights

Who said you couldn't wear skirts or shorts in the fall! The key to not freezing your bare legs off is to cover them with opaque tights. They vary in color, patterns, and material so be sure to have an array of options to wear with your cutest skater skirts, pencil skirts, and vintage high waisted shorts.


4. Duster Coat

A fall necessity! There is no need to splurge on duster coats every fall. Choose a staple color, i.e camel, black, or navy, and have fun with it! Duster coats can be dressed up with a button down and your favorite heeled ankle boots, or dress it down with a crisp black v-neck tee and some sneaks.


5. Ankle Boot

I mean, what is fall without at least one pair of ankle boots. What's great about this item is the fact that you can find it literally everywhere. If you, like most of us, can't affor the awesome pair of Jefferey Campbell's, settle for an equally cute pair from Target! (Seriously, they have cute stuff in there.)