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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.

10 Interview Tips and Tricks

Written by: Bethany Alves



It is that wonderful time of the year again, the career fair. Students all over SCAD prepare there portfolios for this one day. The underclassman interview to be a volunteer fighting for facetime with people who may employ them in four years. While the upperclassman get prepared to find jobs and enter the real world. Here are some tips and tricks to calm those interview nerves.

1. Dealing with dry mouth

Most people believe dry mouth can be fixed with a little water however, it is not that simple. When dealing with anxiety or nervousness dry mouth maybe harder to cure. Eating a hard candy before hand will create saliva. Sour candies especially, activate your salivary glands. Making dry mouth disappear!

2. Research the company

Are you ready to dress to impress? Have you practiced your interview questions? Make sure you know the interviewer. Knowledge of the company and the employer will definitely benefit you. Most students straight out of college do not know what to do when the interview turns to talk about the company. Make sure you spend thirty minutes to an hour on researching the company.

3. Anxiousness

Body language determines not only how other people perceive us but how we perceive ourselves. A yoga power pose maybe the key to solving your nerve problem. To accomplish this all you do is push back your shoulders and open your chest. Standing up you would look like superman, while sitting down you would just keep your back straight and your hands in your lap. Another thing that helps is Exercising before hand. Exercising allows your body to release chemicals like morphine. This brings a little extra positivity to your day.

4. If you are on time, your late

This must seem pretty self explanatory, but the employer is watching you. Make sure you always arrive 15 minutes early. Nobody can always be on time. By aiming to arrive 15 minutes early you will allow your late days to be on time days. Employers notice and they do care.

5. Stay positive

From the time you get up to the time you go to the interview remind yourself of positive thoughts. By telling yourself “you can do it” allows you to build up confidence. This will make you less nervous during the interview.

6. Always say yes

Make sure you Always say yes. Don’t take this literally, do this through positive open body language. Sitting in an open position allows the employer to feel more comfortable and open with you. Closed body positions make people feel like your hiding something from them. Allow your body language to always say yes.

7. Avoid an empty stomach

An empty stomach is a risky choice. An empty stomach may increase your nervousness. When your stomach is empty and the nerves set in this causes nausea, amplifying the nerves. Eating a protein packed snack before the interview will calm a hungry stomach.

8. Breathe

This may seem simple but a lot of people struggle with this. There are many breathing exercises you can practice before an interview. The purpose of these exercises is to make you more comfortable during the interview. Most are as simple as breathing in for two seconds and out for two seconds on repeat. Also if you lose your train of thought, pause and allow yourself to remember. Pauses are natural and will help you recharge your mind.

9. Smile

Again another simple trick that does a lot. This allows your employer to see you as a positive individual. It shows you are enthusiastic about the work along with promise. This also allows your brain to release feel good chemicals creating a positive environment, calming you for your interview.

10. Always end with a thank you

After every interview you should follow up. The easiest way is with a thank you. You do not need to send a handcrafted card for this. A simple email will satisfy. This allows your employer to see your enthusiasm and your thoughtfulness to others.

Good luck with that interview, and don’t forget these ten tip and tricks for surviving your next one!

Amy Kulp is a Senior at Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management. When she's not writing for Her Campus, she is either working on her own styling business, shopping, or performing in theatre productions. When she graduates, she plans on moving to New York City and working either as a personal stylist or as a creative director with one of the many fashion houses New York has to offer.