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Winter: That Time of the Year

By Genevieve Odukomaiya

Now that we are headed to December, it’s getting colder- now more than ever. Just the other day I checked the weather and I noticed the ridiculously cold weather that is to come next week. Now being from Florida, I’m not used to this cold weather and luckily once break starts, I will be back in the Sunshine State, but I know when I return to Atlanta In January, I will be met with harshness of the cold. Although the cold isn’t my favorite, there are two things that make winter a little bit more bearable



When I think of winter and the cold weather, I think of hot beverages. I’m a tea fanatic and every now and then hot chocolate, so when fall and winter time comes around I’m constantly drinking something hot. The warmness of the tea makes my spirit feel happy and brings a calmness about me. What makes it even better, is that during this time, stores bring out a plethora of different flavors, ranging from pumpkin to apple cider. There is nothing I enjoy more than cuddling up with a cozy blanket with a hot cup of chai tea.



Another thing that keeps winter bearable for me, is all of the cute winter accessories. My favorite winter apparel item are boots. I’m obsessed with all things boots but my favorite kind would have to be thigh high boots. I’m not much of a pants or jean kind of person so thigh high boots with socks compensate for my bare legs being cold. Not only are they ridiculously fashionable, I feel like they go well with almost anything and make a woman feel more confident and feminine. I have about 4 pairs of boots right now, but I sure do hope to expand in the future


High-spirited fashion designer with sound knowledge about the management and promotional aspects of the industry. My inquisitive nature enables me to discover efficient ways of streamlining marketing approaches to reach target audience. The process of translating various topics into a collection of garments after intensive research and visual development, makes me feel empowered because it is a unique medium of self-expression. However, I am fully aware of the importance of marketing a product in order to gain the best results which makes me equally passionate about both the aspects of Fashion World 
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