Why People are Obsessed with Glossier

Glossier is a high-end beauty brand which started in 2014 by Emily Weiss where the products emphasize the “no makeup look.” The brand is named the top beauty brand by Allure, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Nylon, Teen Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily. However, the reason the brand is so successful is because of the 5C’s of business it follows through with. 

  1. The first being that they put their customers first by creating a direct and intimate relationship. They state the main thing the brand stands for is “the power of the individual to choose their own style.”
  2. The second is the fact that they’re on top of it with their content, which is important in our day in age because that’s how you can engage with any and all of us. Their “Into the Gloss” blog reaches 100,000 followers on Facebook, almost 200,000 on Twitter, a near 130,000 on YouTube, 1 million users engage with them on Pinterest and almost 1.5 million on Instagram. Glossier knows that it’s the main driver of their growth.
  3. The next would be the conversations they have with their readers and followers through blog and social media. To grow as a company, they know they have conversations with their customers about ways they can improve and what their customers would like from them. This allows them to develop a community because it gives them a better and quicker way to gain data through feedback.
  4. Moreover, they co-create their products by putting the consumer product needs first and thereby simplifying their marketing process. This allows them to successfully create and develop what customers are actually needing and looking for. So, it’s a brand that focuses on more than just the aesthetic packaging, it’s also the quality of the product itself.