Thinking of Studying Abroad : Here’s Hong Kong on a Budget

Thinking of Studying Abroad : Here’s Hong Kong on a Budget

OK, so it’s been about 4 weeks into the quarter already and Hong Kong is lit. Its like a New York city meets nature with tons of shops, beaches, mountains, and nearby islands. Like, you will literally see a skyscraper smacked on top of a grassy mountain along the water.  Ok, now let’s talk budget. Hong Kong is definitely a place to have fun on a budget. The food is generally much cheaper and there’s a lot of things you can do for free. Yes, for free!! Or pretty close to it. So, for anyone considering or remotely interested in studying abroad, here’s some top things to do for the low-low.

She wore a itsy bitsy tiny winey yellow polk a dot bikini for the first time today!

#1 Bikini time: Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay)

So as I said before, its tons of beaches and islands. If you live at the SCAD’s dorms ( really 3 bedroom apartments)  at Gold Coast  , there is actually a beach directly behind it. However, it gets old quick. The water is not the cleanest and its relatively small. So, if you want cleaner water and bigger waves, go to Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay).


#2 Flashy Lights, Lights, Lights: Victoria Harbour Light Show

If you love a beautiful scenery, come to the light show. The show displayed along the skyline near the water makes for a breath-taking scenery.  The 15 minute show starts directly at 8pm consisting  of fireworks and laser lights set to music. English audio is on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday’s. Then stop by the bars after ( 18 is the legal drinking age ). Some actually view the show from nearby bar rooftop. Viewing the show from the Avenue of Stars promenade on Koowloon is highly recommended for the best view.


#3 Museums and historical attractions

There’s so many museums and attractions. The Big Buda is one of the most popular attractions here at a staggering 112 feet high. Along side historical attractions are the museums. There are museums in art, science, space, and more. Some museums are free on Wednesdays, while others are free all the time. Here’s a link to a list of museums: .


#4 Row Row your boat:  Take the  Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour

Lastly, for less than 1 USD, you can take a smooth ride over the harbor and see all Hong Kong has to offer. It comes about every 15mins with a few different piers to catch the ferry from.