There is No ‘I’ in Team: 5 Ways to Be a Successful Leader

Whether you’re in a club, the classroom, an organization, or a sorority, effective leadership is a key element in order for anyone or a group to be successful. Becoming a valuable leader not only requires more than just hard work, it also involves going the extra mile and making sacrifices to ensure everyone is on the same page, are being the best versions of themselves, and on the path to be victorious. 

When a leader is outstanding, their enthusiasm and positive mindset sets the tone for those around them. Everyone will want to follow in their footsteps and be a leader as well.

Here are five things to keep in mind when being in a successful leader:

1. Be confident and humble

Great leaders are very confident in themselves and their work. Because of this, people are easily drawn to them, as they convey a strong sense of self-confidence. When you are assured and poised, those around you want to be the same. But you must remember that no one is perfect. Be humble and recognize that every effective leader has room to grow. Great leaders do not waver once they commit to something. Take constructive criticism and suggestions from your peers in stride to help you continue to be the leader they look up to. 

2. Be supportive

An effective leader is supportive of those around them. They guide people through challenges, always has a solution to any issues that arise, and are able to accommodate and adapt to any situation. They participate in all activities and are there to aid and assist in all circumstances. When you are supportive, people are more likely to stay around and want work with you again. Supporting others, even if you have to step back and let others lead, has long lasting benefits.

3. Delegate effectively 

In order to be a great leader, you must be able to maximize the potential of the people around you. You must be able to look at your team, identify their skillsets, and delegate who should tackle each project based on their area of success. By doing this, every person is able to shine in their capacity while all ends of the spectrum are covered. It also forces everyone one to participate and not have one person doing more work than another. 

4. Make sacrifices 

No great leader has ever had a successful team without making sacrifices. Sometimes things happen that are out of your control. But what can make you the leader you desire to be is stepping up and sacrificing your time, sleep, and sometimes money to ensure your team can still move forward when obstacles are thrown at them. When your team sees how much you are willing to sacrifice, they are more likely to do the same.

5. Be organized and responsible

Planning not only requires sacrificing time but also requires thought. Great leaders are organized and have everything planned ahead of time. Being organized and ahead gives you room and time to come with various scenarios in case one does not pan out. It also sets the expectations and tone for everyone else to be organized as well. Leaders take responsibility for their mistakes and their performance. They praise the team when things go well and pay close attention when issues arise. They find ways to fix things in a hurry and get things back on track. When you can do this without singling someone out or placing blame on others to avoid owning up to your mistakes, you become a responsible leader. Always lead with your head and your heart. 

To continue mastering being a successful leader, you can make sure that you’re constantly updating your own skills by attending a workshop, taking suggestions, and having an open mind. Being an effective leader is hard work so you must stay focused. If you find yourself unable to be the leader you need and want to be, give your position to someone else. Let them shine. A team is only successful when their leader wants to be there and is willing to give their all. 

Remember, nobody wins when the family feuds.