Switch Seasons Switch Fashion

Transition time is here! And I’m so ready to transition into spring with the last cold days ending around the corner. So while we are switching seasons, let's switch fashion!

Switch fashion! No, I don’t mean go switch from winter clothes to summer clothes; I’m talking about ditching your typical American style for one of a different culture. Celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kanye West, have all repectfully sported fashion from different cultures. So, now it’s your turn! Take advantage of this transition period and transition into a different culture (with your fashion). Here’s a list of some cool traditional fashion with a modern twist.

Destination one: The Motherland

I.  Africa 

  A. Dashiki

                                                         Image Credit: Afrizar

                                                        Image Credit: Addicted to fashion

B. Kaftan

                                                        Image Credit: Ibizamode                                                        Image Credit: Pinterest

 C. African printed pants

                                                         Image Credit: Grass-fields

                                                         Image Credit: D'iyanu

One of the best things about traditional African fashion is that it’s super colorful and filled with exotic prints. It’s a quick way to kick your style up a notch and be bold.

Now for this next cultural style, be ready for a nice fit.

II. Asia

A. Cheongsam shirt

                                                         Image Credit: 9fudda                                                                  Image Credit: Amazon

B. Asian styled jackets

                                                               Image Credit: Dillards                                                                      Image Credit:Pinterest

C. Cheongsam

                                                                     Image Credit: Jiafeng Li lookbook                                                                     Image Credit: Pinterest

Traditional Asian fashion is well-fitting on the body. It’s conservative enough that you won’t have miles of cleavage or too much skin exposed, but it’ll outline your curves perfectly, giving you the right amount of sex appeal.

By any chance, do you remember princess Jazmin, from the movie Aladdin? Well, I hope so, because you’ll be mirroring her for the next look on our list.

 III. India

A. Dhoti skirts

                                                         Image Credit: AApro

                                                                              Image Credit: Vivaluxe  B. Dhoti Pants

                                                           Image Credit for both images above: Myntra C. Sarees

                                                         Image Credit: Etsy

                                                   Image Credit: Boldsky

India’s signature draping design is sure to make your every arrival, the grand entrance of a princess. Ok, now that maybe going a little too far, but there’s one thing for sure. You’ll definitely get the bold statement piece your closet has been begging for.

Now, you’re all equipped to make the big switch. To show us your modern twist on traditional fashion, post a picture of yourself wearing a cute cultural outfit on Instagram, hash-tagging Hercampus.  Namaskāra!