Summer Plans with Zacharry Blair

Photo courtesy of Zacharry Blair.

For many colleges the summer started weeks ago; for SCAD students our summer has just begun. Most of us will be packing our bags soon to head home or taking a trip to the beach. I asked SCAD Atlanta sophomore Zacharry Blair about his summer plans and some of them sound pretty promising. 

Chel Howard: Do you mind introducing yourself?

Zacharry Blair: My name is Zacharry Blair. I'm from Riverdale, Georgia. I'm a sophmore at SCAD, majoring in graphic design with a minor in photography.

CH: So Spring quarter is nearly over. What are you looking forward to for the summer?

ZB: Honestly? I'm looking forward to a nice break from school and homework. I'm definitely going to Tennessee to see my family sometime. I might be walking the red carpet with one of the actors from the new TMNT 2 movie, so I'm really excited about that. Other than that, I'll be picking up more hours at work, hoping to save up more money for an apartment.

CH: If you could go anywhere this summer where would you go?

ZB: If I could go anywhere or do anything this summer, it would be travel with friends (primarily, my girlfriend), visit all of my family, visit my girlfriend's family, go to Florida and enjoy the beach. You know, just enjoy myself in general.

CH: Do you have any projects you want to work on this summer?

ZB: I plan to work on my photography portfolio, mainly. That way, I’ll have more experience in portrait work so I can start getting press passes for concerts to photograph bands.