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The Atlanta weather is all over the place, from rainy and cloudy weather to bright, sunny and 75 degrees, it’s difficult to not only decide what to wear but to choose what shoes to go with your outfit. You may want to wear your cute black or white platform heels or your fila disruptors but you’re worried that it could rain any second so they could get ruined. However, here are some definite shoes that are neutral enough to go with all outfits this spring and summer when the weathers good and you’re feeling cute. 

1. White low-rise shoes 

These are fun, cute and causal.  They go with all your spring and summer outfits straight from swimsuits to jumpsuits. Some stores which offer these shoes at decent prices are Target and Shein. 

2. Platform Sandals 

These go with all your cute dresses and skirts. Getting a neutral color allows you to wear them any and all of your outfits, both formal and casual. I recommend finding them for a good price and of the same quality at smaller boutique stores like Fringe, Red Dress Boutique or Shein.

3. FILA Disruptors

These comfortable block-y shoes give you not only height but style too. Depending on the style you get or prefer, they are good for complimenting your outfits. I recommend getting the plain white ones because they provide a good touch of athleisure to your flow-y dresses or skirts and tops. If you’re not willing to pay for the brand name, there are other online stores and companies which sell similar looking shoes like Urban Outfitters or DSW. 

4. Pointed Block Heels 

The cute but formal heels are good for interviews for jobs or internships in the summer. The pointed toed heels provide a sense of stylish elegance. They look most professional in black. However, due to this growing trend, they’re coming out in different styles as well as being made of different materials allowing them to be worn for various events. This can be found anywhere, ranging from Shein all the way to Bloomingdale’s. It just depends on what exact type you’re looking for.

5. Birkenstock Sandals

These keep going in and out of trend but they’re cute and simple and once again, will be easy to match with what you choose to wear. Though they’re not appropriate for a professional environment, they’ll be comfortable to wear to the pool, the beach or even to lunch with friends. You can look into getting these shoes from Nordstrom or even the main Birkenstock website.

Minoti Benegal


I am a Fashion Marketing and Management major just looking for ways to continuously creatively express myself.
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