Spring/Summer Hairstyles to Try in 2019

There’s a point in time where all of us get a little fed up the way our hair falls on our shoulders and are desperate to look for a change. It may be a haircut, a new color to dye it or even just tying it in a new way. Here are some cute ways to cut your hair this time of year if you just want to spice things up a little bit to compliment your everyday look.   

1. Layered Bob Cut 

I think one really interesting way to not totally die from the heat is by keeping your hair cute and short. With layers, it will look presentable and will look good with all your summer outfits. 

2. High Ponytails 

This hairdo looks good all year around, that's for sure. Whether you want to create half a high-ponytail and leave part of your hair down or use all your hair, it will look decent. This is applicable to both short and long hair. This particularly will look good when straightened. It looks professional and keeps the sweat away during this weather. 

3. Messy Bun

Whether it’s shorts, a mini skirt or a cute jumpsuit, tying a messy bun the right way will compliment your attire in a chic and aesthetic manner. Though it’s messy, it’s soft and accentuates most girl’s faces so don’t be worried about it not looking good, because it most definitely will.

4. Top Knots 

Similar to messy buns but a little neater are top knots. This may be difficult to keep on top of your head because you’ll need the right clips or hair accessories but if you can manage to do so with setting spray, it’ll be something cute to wear to dinners or other outdoor social events.

5. Braiding your Hair

This is an easy look for all girls to pull off. Keeping it either messy with some strands sticking out or even patted down with some setting spray will look cute with your bikinis or other gorgeous spring, summer looks.