Slaying On A Budget: 4 Tips On How to Master the Art of Thrifting

By Teryka Jones

We’ve all heard of the saying one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, but when it comes to thrifting this couldn't’t be anymore valid. First, let’s just take a look at where fashion is today, it’s simply nothing but trends being repeated. From the 90’s crop tops, to the bell bottoms from the 70’s, to the high waist jeans or as some like to call them, “mom jeans” from the 80’s, fashion trends are forever being reinvented.

Now let’s take a look at retailers. Retail stores want you to pay various amounts for vintage style clothing that can simply be found in the cluttered racks of your local thrift stores for “dirt cheap”. Now I know what you’re thinking, yes those clothes have been used, but have you ever thought of it this way? People are constantly trying on clothes in retail stores every day. There is no telling how many people have tried on that dress or pair of jeans you just purchased. Thrifting is not something to be looked down upon, in fact you would be surprised how many people thrift for their clothing, and not even just the average person, celebrities as well. Thrifting has become a lifestyle for many, but just like anything else in life there is an art to it.  

When going thrifting there are a few things to take into consideration. Here are 4 tips to take with you on your next thrifting adventure: 

1. Location. Location. Location. 

Before going thrifting it is important to decide on what shop you are going to be spending your coins in. This determines the quality of the clothes that are going to be there, the variety, and the prices. If you are hoping to find name brand items that are fairly new or lightly worn, go to your local thrift shops located in the richer part of your hometown. This might sound a little shady, but it’s so true. If you go to shops near the richer neighborhoods you are more likely to find lightly or never been worn pieces. If you’re just going to find unique vintage pieces to add to your wardrobe, your possibilities and options are endless.

2. Wardrobe Treasure Hunt 

Another thing to take into consideration before going on your “wardrobe treasure hunt” is to already have in mind exactly what items you are looking for or what style of clothing you have in mind. The thrift store can be quite overwhelming and some shops can be more organized than others, so it’s best to have some type of idea of what items you are looking for before going. 

3. Quality Control

The next step is one of the most important and where the saying “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. Before making any purchases you want to check the quality of the product. Majority of the clothing there if not all, is worn/used so you want to make sure you check for any stains, tears, holes, or any other possible damage that has been done to the garment, which leads me to the prices of items.


4. Ballin On a Budget 

Before purchasing anything ask yourself “is this worth the price they want me to pay?” Every now and then thrift stores can get a little out of hand and place high prices on things that aren't worth paying. Checking the value of the garments is important. Again, thrifting isn’t like regular shopping, there isn’t a replica of another type of clothing in the store, so if you find something that is of great value and that is simply one of a kind, you might want to take advantage and not be slow to purchase that item because 9 times out of 10 it want be there if you wait to purchase it some other time. So definitely evaluate the value of the garment.

So as you can see thrifting is nothing to be afraid of. Look at it as being a “one of a kind boutique”. You are free to create and embellish your own unique style! The possibilities are endless. With these helpful tips you will have thrifting down to a craft in no time. So for all the fashionista’s out there, remember to take it one SLAY at a time!