See the World NOW!

See the world and re-connect with YOU!


I’m super excited to be studying abroad again!!! It’s actually a funny story because based of sudden circumstances changing I’m now able to to go. Like real sudden. Today sudden laugh out loud. Yes, I bought my ticket today and classes started a week ago there in Hong Kong ( study abroad destination). But honestly, It’s a relief because for a second I thought would be able to take classes anywhere this quarter. So I’m super excited and know now I have to catch with missing courses. But I’ll get through this!! Anyway, as I am preparing for my trip now. (Like right now lol), people are amazed as if I'm supposed to be scared to see the world that was gifted to us. To us all.  Seeing the world and pulling the different global seeds, while also learning from the cultural weeds based on various global experience and perspectives. Besides the more we know, and understand just how much we are spiritually, physically, and mentally connected to the world and each other. And knowing that being aware of this connectivity is essential for our wellbeing and the existence of us all.


The point of this rant is to say Girl GO BLOSSOM IN the WORLD through learning, building, and staying connected to every spec of the Universe.


So, if you’ve been a little nervous or never really thought about traveling m, remember that! Also, it’s time to Press pause. 


Press Pause


I recently saw a clip of a psychologist speaking with Oprah. She basically said Our lives are so fast-paced and that we never take a moment to just PAUSE. And how it so important to pause and reflect, meditate, pray, mental/spiritual cleanse. Just stop to reflect, and analyze to connect the dots/signs of and our life refining our purpose and direction. Be open-minded, with open ears, learn new things to find new interest build a new project to execute a new vision to live for a new dream and mission. And you’ll be surprised to learn just how connected each atom and every spec of our world truly is to each other. What better place to reconnect to self and the world than in a beautiful new exciting scenery.


So get out there! travel, learn, build, reconnect, and realign your energy ❤️❤️❤️!!!!