Is the Royal baby here?



We are literally so close to being introduced to the new little royal one. The Duchess is currently eight months pregnant and is due any day now! So, while we wait, here’s everything you NEED to know about the new addition.

When’s the baby due?

Kate went on maternity leave on March 22nd, and with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, she gave birth 5 weeks after going on leave. This means the baby could be due around April 27thor 28th. This will be a few weeks before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, so hopefully Kate will have enough time to recover.

Where will the baby be born? Will it be a natural birth?

It is announced that the royal baby will be born in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Both the Prince and Princess were also born in the Wing. Outside the wing, there are already parking restrictions and crowd barriers, all in preparation for the birth. The private wing of the hospital charges £5,215 ($7,452.81) for the first 24 hours if the baby is born naturally or £6,745 ($9,639) for a C-section with an additional £1,155 ($1,650) for the deluxe package for each additional night. The rooms in the Lindo Wing as described as basic, whereas the care is first class. Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte are believed to been born naturally, so its presumable that the Duchess will be planning a natural birth again.

What name have the Duke & Duchess chosen? When will we know the name?

In the past, the Duke and Duchess have chosen traditional royal names for their children, so it’s likely they will do so again. What names could they be considering? Maybe.. Alice, Mary, Alexandra, or Victoria for a girl, James, Arthur, or Philip for a boy.

The name of the royal baby won’t be announcement right away. George and Charlotte’s names were announced after two days. With past name announcements of other Royal members, they range anywhere from two weeks to a whole month.

Where will the third royal baby be in the succession?

The new royal baby will be fifth in line to the throne.

  • Prince of Wales
  • Duke of Cambridge
  • Prince George
  • Princess Charlotte
  • New Royal baby

This means Prince Harry will be sixth in line, and every family member just dropped down, being a step further from the throne. Just recently, the laws of succession have changed. Boys no longer have precedence over girls. If the law hadn’t been changed, and the new royal baby was a boy, he would come into power above Charlotte.

Will the baby ever be a monarch?

It’s very unlikely, but not unheard of. In the past, a third child acceded to the throne when he outlived his brothers; one of which had no heir.

What’s this age-old custom behind announcing a royal baby?

First, the Queen, then other members of the Royal family and the Middleton family will been given the news. After this, the royal communications team will email the media the sex, weight, and timing of the birth. Later, social media announcements will be made on Twitter and Instagram. The age-old custom, is the traditional paper announcement placed on a wooden easel outside Buckingham Palace. This custom took place when Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born. The paper announcement will confirm the sex of the baby, time of birth, and reveal whether the mother and baby are fine. It used to be handwritten, but now it’s typed, but it will be signed at the hospital by the doctors who tended to the Duchess.

When will we see the royal baby?

With the birth of Prince George, the Duchess left the hospital the next day, whereas she left the hospital the same day with Princess Charlotte. The left of the Duchess’s hospital stay will be up to how she is feeling. The Duke and Duchess will leave the Lindo Wing through the front day, where the media will be waiting to take the picture that will cover all the newspapers.


Now, all we can do is wait…