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The Projected Best-Selling Toys this Holiday Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD ATL chapter.

It seems that the holidays sneak up on us faster every year. With Halloween behind us and Black Friday on the horizon, let’s be honest: you’ve probably given some thought to what you want this holiday season. But remember, this is the season of giving too and no one likes racing through department stores, scrambling to get presents together for family and friends at the last minute. We’ve done our research to help prepare you for holiday shopping this year by calculaing the top five family and friend gifts that are projected to be best sellers for 2015.

1. Elsa dolls.

Just when you thought Frozen-mania was over, the “Frozen Fever” short film came out this past summer and kids everywhere renewed their Elsa-craze. We predict that Mattel’s new remote-control ‘Skate and Sing Elsa’ is most likely to beat out any other princess this Christmas. 

Illustraion courtesy of Kara Robson.

2. Tablets

Tablets have always been a popular item for kids and adults, but there have been recent additions to the kid-friendly section like Fire HD Kids Edition and LeapPad Platnium that are bound to be child favorites. If you’re short on cash, try chipping in with your parents, aunts or uncles to buy these educational and fun programs for the little sibling or cousin in your life.


Illustration courtesy of Kara Robson.

3. Nerf Guns/Bows.

Nothing says Christmas like toy weapons! But hey, at least they come in multiple-gender packaging. Celebrate a family reunion this holiday or a back-to-school reunion this January with your friends by unleashing your inner child with a Nerf Gun battle in your dorm or at your college courtyard space.

Illustration courtesy of Kara Robson.

4. Drones.

What do Vine users, film directors and children have in common? They all want planes with cameras! Possibly inspired by the new “Star Wars” movie scheduled to come out this December, drones are predicted to be on everyone’s wish list. Although they are expensive (prices range from $45 to $3000) this is solid gift for video bloggers, wiz-kids, theater and film enthusiasts and college pranksters.

Illustration courtesy of Kara Robson.

5. Books.

Yes, you read that right. Technology-obsessed, snotty millenials still want good old-fashioned page turners. Young adult books are still hot on the market and a few classics projected to be gone from store bookselves by New Years include the Harry Potter Series, Harper Lee’s “Go Set a Watchman,” and Stephanie Meyer’s 10th anniversary “Twilight” special edition “Life and Death.” 

Illustration courtesy of Kara Robson.

Stressing out over out-of-stock presents ruins the holidays, so be proactive and get your shopping done ahead of time so you can have a relaxing winter break.

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