Pro-life or Pro-choice: The Decision Has Been Made for Georgia


Pro-life versus pro-choice has always been a topic of great debate. Should woman have control of their body and everything in it or should all human life be protected at every stage? Well, this past Monday the decision has been made for all Georgia residents.

Republican Governor Brian Kemp just signed HB 481, noted by to be the most extreme abortion ban in the entire country. With this new law set to take effect new years day of 2020, woman can be prosecuted for MURDER if found guilty of aborting or attempting to self-terminate their pregnancy (by any measure) after 6 weeks. This also includes Georgia residents attempting to terminate their pregnancy out of the state.  But get this, the law can also have woman who MISCARRY, prosecuted if is believed that they are responsible for the death of an unborn child. But wait! There’s more.  

One of the big problems this will create says Democratic Senator Jen Jordan , is racial injustice.  She explains that, “the bill allows for massive prosecutorial discretion…this law just gives so much discretion to prosecutors, and that’s incredibly dangerous. It opens the door to disparate enforcement against racial minorities, too. There’s so much bad there. That’s why its so important that this law never goes in effect.

For any one in opposition of this law, there’s still might be a little time in which change can happen.

Sen. Jen Jordan explains  “ the law can’t take effect until January because it categorizes fetuses as “minor dependents” under the Internal Revenue Code. And any time we create tax exemptions or deductions in Georgia, they have to start on Jan. 1. That actually helps us—it puts off the effective date and gives all the people fighting against this law the time to craft the best legal arguments to make sure it gets stopped immediately in the courts. We also need to make sure this gets repealed. We need a legal approach and an electoral approach.”

Whatever, you view point on pro-life or pro-choice, the clock is definitely ticking until the decision is set for us all.