Kristen Bryant-Bodies

An Open Letter To My Body

Dear Body,

I have known for 20 years. The one thing we have for sure is a complicated and complex relationship. One thing I want to say is I am so sorry for the way I treat you. I don’t treat you like you are a part of me. I treat you like an enemy. I am sorry for all the times I called you disgusting and unlovable. I am sorry for putting you through all this shit from depriving you of the food you truly deserve from putting from all those diets. I truly apologize for working against you and not accepting the way you are. I know it has been a long time coming but one thing is for sure now. I love you now sure we are going to have are up’s and downs from the days I am feeling myself from the days I eat a big burrito at Chipotle, but body you are what makes me I and God gave me you for a reason. From the stretch marks on thighs to my tummy to my small breast. All in which, I hated you for at some time in my life. Sometimes I looked at you and cried inside, but now I am thankful for you; I love you and I will ever take you for granted. Please forgive me for the pain I caused you physically and emotionally. Everything I said and did you was out of anger, spite, and fear, because us women we have it ingrained in us to have self-hate instead self-love unless we look how society wants to, I’m sure you understand right. When I saw you growing in every curve, I thought it is the beginning of the end. Seeing every small, visible scar was a representation of my newfound growth, newfound womanhood but to be honest I did not know how to expect you. How to embrace you. Now I want to tell you I love you just the way you are. I just want to say I feel disgusted by how I let other people’s opinions and judgment of you made me change the way I saw you. The way I think of you, but the bottom line is I am better now. I am stronger because of you.