My Experience with Laser Hair Removal

You're probably wondering why I’ve decided to talk about something as random as laser hair removal. Well, I’m currently almost done with my laser treatment sessions at Ideal Image in Atlanta and I thought I would share my experience with you guys.

For those of you who don’t know, laser hair removal is a process of hair removal through the means of laser light. So, essentially instead of shaving with your typical razor or waxing, laser hair removal is a more permanent alternative. Now that I have experienced it, I can provide you guys with pros and cons from my point of view.

The biggest con of laser hair removal is that it’s very painful. Now I wouldn’t say that this statement is true for all areas of the body, but the area that I chose to get mine done was my bikini area. I can tell you now that it's not a pleasant feeling. The best way I can describe it is that it's like a rubber band repeatedly smacking against your skin. It’s safe to say that it really just depends on the area of the body. Since the treatment is divided into 9 sessions about every 8 weeks, the pain is something that I dread every time I go. Luckily, they do have numbing creams. But if I’m being quite honest, it really has no effect on me.

The next con of course is the fact that there is money involved. It can get quite expensive. Mine was probably somewhere around $2,000 in total. They do offer payment plans but that doesn’t change the fact that it definitely isn’t cheap.

Now for the pros there is really only one- the results are amazing and permanent. When I say permanent it doesn’t necessarily mean that hair won’t ever grow in that region ever in your life again, but it definitely will stop it for a very long time and with Ideal Image the package deals allow you to get touch ups whenever you need.

This may be TMI but I’m a very hairy person and when I say that the result were truly amazing, I truly mean it. Your hair will grow back thinner and thinner after each session till its eventually all gone and who doesn’t love the sound of that!