Meet Sonya: Owner of IAM.ECCENTRIC

Sonya, the Woman behind the brand iam.eccentric (IME), was born and raised in New York City. She attended LIU Brooklyn for business management and marketing. She strategically used her studies and went into business for herself all in her first year of college. I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Sonya during her first pop-up shop in Atlanta. I gained a lot of insight on who she is, inspirations, and advice for dream chasing.


Q: How did you name your brand?

A: “When I was in high school, my friends felt eccentric would be the best fitting nickname for me. They felt the way I dressed and the way I acted was so unique and off. Something you won’t see. They were like “you’re so eccentric”. In fact, on my 17th birthday, that was my first tattoo. Before I even started the brand, I tatted myself. I look at my brand as a reflection of me. So when you see the brand, you see me. I personally felt there weren't a lot of streetwear brands for women. I consider myself a tom girl. So some days I want to look cute and fitted, but some days I want to be relaxed. I feel girls should have that option. They shouldn't have to go to supreme, or any other streetwear store for men and try to get that look. So you know, just come to me.” 

Q: One of my favorite pieces by you is the Black Princess Tee with Lil Kim on it, is she one of your inspirations?

A: “Oh my god, that's Muva! I actually met her and gave her that shirt. About a couple of months ago, I got to be on stage with her. She was so sweet and nice. She was turning up with me, I'm turning up with her. At the end, I was like I love you and have a shirt for you. She took it and gave me a hug. She’s a big inspiration. Her coming from NY as a female artist, she’s a good representation of me as a 90’s baby. That's what I grew up listening too.”

Q: Have you ever encountered obstacles as a Woman pushing your brand?

A:” Honestly, I get this question a lot. I can honestly say no, but I will say it does go on in the industry. However, for me personally, it doesn’t. I always tell females in any industry, whatever energy you give out will be reciprocated to you. So you gotta be about your business, you gotta be very bossy and be direct. When I approach the industry, I’m very direct. So you know not to play with me. When you give off that energy of ‘okay, I need this. I want it that way.’ or ‘I want it like this’ they respect you more. You can’t let them handle you any type of way because you’re a Woman. Yes, I’m a  Woman but I can do the job just as good, if not better than a Man. You must be about your business, and be very ambitious. From there they’ll respect that because men can weed out the ones they can play with versus the ones they can’t.”

Keep up with Sonya and her brand on Instagram @iam.eccentric