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Meet Cyd Ahlberg

Meet Cyd Ahlberg, graphic design major and photography minor and the president of The Black Student Association at SCAD Atlanta. 

  1. Why did you establish The Black Student Association at SCAD?

After holding several casual conversations with my friends here at SCAD, I was reminded of the BSA in Savannah and how they established a community and connections during the short time I was there. I wanted to have that here at the Atlanta Campus especially because we have such an intimate space. Some friends and I decided to try and follow through with the idea of having a BSA and began the necessary steps to forming a club. Some have since graduated and I didn’t want the idea to just fade away, so I decided to continue to organize and build a foundation for the club. I wanted students of the African Diaspora and those interested in learning about the African Diaspora, to have a safe space and a support system.


  1. As a junior now, what this something you wished existed for you and other black students at SCAD coming in as freshman and why?

I wished that we had more open and vocal representation for black students on this campus. On the Savannah campus, the BSA is well-known for their activities and involvement. That was missing here. I would see black students congregate and converse about ideas for events and club related activities, but there was no unifying element that could help them execute those ideas.


  1. What are some of your goals for the BSA?

Some of my goals for the BSA include collaborations with other student organizations, community service activities to help give back to the Atlanta community, educate those unfamiliar with the history of the African Diaspora, create a safe space for students to voice their opinions on whatever they may choose, and create opportunities for studetns to showcase their talents within and beyond their majors.


  1. As the president of BSA, what are some of your responsibilities? What do you tend to focus on?

As president, I’m responsible for presiding at all club’s meetings, working with the club advisor to ensure that the club s operating within the expectations of SCAD, act as the chief spokesperson of the club, and establish effective relationships with other clubs and SCAD administration. I have a pretty solid group of board members that are being educated on how to perform their duties, so I help wherever I can. My most important focus is making sure things are executed properly and effectively.


  1. How did you get the other students apart of the BSA staff involved/on board with the club?

Students already established interest in having a BSA, so I just approached those I knew had the leadership skills to maintain a board member position and everything just began to fall into place. We’ve since had students inquire about board positions and successfully join the team.


  1. As a graphic design major, do you collaborate your field with BSA projects?

As a graphic design major and photography minor, I have been using my skills to assist with club promotional material. With the help of the board members, I design the club logo, the promotional material for our BSA Week last quarter, and some of the buttons we passed out as well.


  1. When you graduate, what do you want to leave the BSA with? What kind of impact or legacy? What do you hope for the future of the BSA?

Being a junior, I look forward to beginning to usher in a subgroup of board members who we will train to taken on positions after some of the current board members have graduated. I wanted to establish a legacy of unity, openness, positivity, and service for the club on this campus, so that future SCAD Bees can look forward to joining and having the same safe space and opportunities as we do.

  1. What do you hope students get out of being a part of the BSA?

I hope that the students who become a part of SCAD ATL BSA, get a sense of unity and community. I want this club to be the assurance that we are all in this together and that we will support one another in our current and future endeavors. I also want students to learn about our history and where we come from. I want them to know they are loved and accepted. I want their voices to be heard and I want this to be a bridge that connects students to other clubs and to SCAD administration.


Cyd Ahlberg is an activist for change – shedding light on the importance of supporting one another and uniting as a community, and giving students a voice so that they may be heard.

Follow Cyd on Instagram (@cydvolution) and the SCAD ATL Black Student Association Facebook page for updates on events and more for The BSA. 

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