Mediterranean Grill after Midterms Hits the Spot

Midterms are over for the most part and after midterms and finals I like to treat myself to a good dinner. This time a friend and I went to Mediterranean Grill in midtown. We split a veggie plate, a large tabouleh, walnut baklava and basbousa.

We started with the tabouleh which is a parsley salad with tomatoes, bulgar and lemon. Personally, tabouleh is one of my favorite foods and I love mine with lots of lemon. At Mediterranean Grill  however, no extra lemon on the side is needed.

Tabouleh at Mediterranean Grill. Image courtesy of Chel Howard.

The veggie plate had more tabouleh, a side salad, two pieces of falafel, baba ghanouj, hummus, two pieces of pita and tzatziki.

Veggie Plate at Mediterranean Grill. Image courtesy of Chel Howard.

Dessert was the basbousa, a coconut cake with nuts on top, and walnut baklava. If you like your baklava syrupy this is the place to get it.

Basbousa and walnut baklava at Mediterranean Grill. Images courtesy of Chel Howard.

Although Mediterranean Grill is a chain, their food is always good and service is quick. If you're new to Mediterranean cuisine, this is a great place to start. If you’re a connoisseur, this is still an excellant place to go for an easy quick bite.