Kim Kardashian West’s Style Evolution

Not everyone is a fan of her, but they are unable to ignore her presence. Kim Kardashian West is one of the most famous people out there today, for whatever the reasons may be, she and her family is always in the news. Her influence on today’s generation is unquestionable but so is her style. Right from the 2000s, when Kim Kardashian made her breakthrough, her dressing sense has kept up with current times and evolved just as drastically as fashion has. 

Her 2000s looks involve Juicy tracksuits to custom designer clothes. Though the show became famous in 2007, she started becoming more well-known in 2006. Her outfits at the time ranged from a knee-length black skirt to a white top with black and red lace to her grey sweater dress, a large belt and black knee-length boots.  Right from her shoes to her outfits to accessories, they all blended in well with the 2000s fashion style. She used all kinds of purses to compliment her outfits like the sequinced shopper-bag purses and shoulder bags. Another iconic accessory from this time was her Louis Vuitton bags. Edging towards 2010, she wore more colorful and heavily detailed blouses with knee-high boots, pumps or suede boots. In 2010, the outfits she wore to most of the benefits and galas were not accompanied by a purse and more focus was provided on the outfit itself with the pop of color and simple to no jewelry. 

Moving in 2011, after she and Kanye West became closer, her style took a major turn and changed only for the better. It turned more professional and business casual. He also introduced athleisure to her and with her figure, she really knew how to pull it off. She wore designer gowns with detailed accessories. Nonetheless, her clothes were still more or less intact with the early 2010s trends. 

Further into the years she started wearing more lace and latex which flattered her figure. She wore latex dresses, bodysuits and tops. During her pregnancies she wore a lot of monotonous colors like black and white. These outfits contained feathers, lace or silk with sheer details. After Kanye West’s Yeezy line became more popular she again moved towards a more athleisure look on a daily basis. She combined lace with some of her track pants as well. 2016 lead to more Balmain jumpsuits, dresses and Balenciaga trench coats and semi-sheer looks. 

Today she wears a lot of bicycle shorts to compliment her hoodies and coats. Her clothes are a lot tighter and emphasizes her curves. The colors she wears are more neutral. However, she also does compliment her athleisure looks with heels and large sunglasses.

She will continue to be a beauty icon and influence the upcoming generations with her memorable designer outfits. Whether she annoys people with her social standing, there’s no way to ignore the way she dresses because they’re very in-style and all over the internet for us to keep up with.