Just Walk with Me

Trust. It’s a word we have all heard in our lives. Relationships are built on trust, right? Of course, they are. Trust is the bases for any stable relationship be that romantic or not. And all though the word is tossed around a lot not many of us understand what it really means. Not in by its basic definition but what it means when it is in action.

            Trust. It is letting your walls down. It is smiling without covering your mouth. It is falling asleep within seconds with that person in the room without any reservations. It is crying in front of them, snot and all. It is that warm feeling you get when sitting by a fire in the winter. That cool breeze while walking down the shore. We can believe we trust someone without actually trusting them. We cannot trust someone and believe that we do. We can be tricked into trusting someone by their persona or pressures of society. Trust is a very fundamental and fragile thing. It is so easily shattered and so heavily influences us. We build our lives around it. Where we go to school. We trust we’ll earn a degree. Where we work. We trust that it will provide for us. Where we live. We trust it will shelter us. Who we talk to, interact with. How we chose to interact or not interact with others.  

            Trust is something that we think of in a very limited scope, relationships but it is every decision that we make. I know that the big thing now a day is having the ability to be independent. Run a one woman show. I believe that there is such as thing as being able to do it all. The idealized version of what it means to be a Girl Boss. What I do not believe nor agree with is this idea that is has to be done alone. We need each other. Other people push us forward. Push us down making us fight harder for our goals.

            So, I propose this. A Girl Boss who has a support network. A girl boss who works time into her schedule for herself care. This idea of constantly having to be working, pushing ourselves until we snap is not what being your best self should mean. A girl boss with a goal who is healthy and has loved ones at her side. We need to learn to trust the process. Trust ourselves. Trust that it will get done because we have built a system for ourselves that allows us to accomplish this.

            I have struggled with trusting myself but at the end of the day I know what is best for me more than anyone else. I have struggled with trusting others. Something that has always been a personal struggle is trust which has made things even harder. I realized that as much as being able to be absolutely individualistic sounds like the perfect for problems in life, that is not the way we as human work. We need each other. All in different ways, in different situations and different levels but we cannot be alone. I would like to make it clear that I am not simply referring to a romantic relationship. I am referring to a strong support network that may consist of a romantic partner or may not. I am referring to having someone, or multiple people in our lives that we can go to because we all need help sometimes. Do not be afraid to feel lonely, we all feel lonely. Do not be afraid to trust others and let them in.

            You can do it all. You can have the job, the social life, the romantic life, whatever else you want to do. You can do it all if you trust those in your life. They are a foundation in your life to help you build up. We all just need someone to walk alone side us to reach out when we trip. Once we are back up we keep going. We move forward. We accomplish the goals we set out to accomplish. For that finish line to be crossed though we need to trust ourselves, trust the people in our lives. Trust the processes. It will all happen when it happens, and we do not need to do it “alone”. At the end when you cross that finish line, it will be you who got up in the mornings, who finished that assignment. You just had a friend’s voice in your mind saying to get up or a friend telling you to stop procrastinating.

            Trust is fundamentally, find it in your life. Build trust into your goals. Have people in your lives who are willing to just walk alongside you. You can watch each other grow and become better. Having someone to walk beside you does not make you any less of individual or any less independent it is making an decision to help you be the best you that you can be.


Photo credit: @Brandonwoelfel